Behavior Modification for Feather Picking Reproducible Worksheets

Reproducible Worksheets for a Behavior Modification Plan

Create a behavior modification plan and track behavior change for parrot plucking and other unwanted behaviors

  • Do you need to stop a parrot behavior problem fast? 

    Evidence shows a carefully created Behavior Modification Plan really works. This 40 page eBook helps you create a B-mod program for feather plucking.  But, it can be adapted to other parrot behavior problems, too.

    Within a few short weeks, you'll gain important insights about the behavior and have a strategy to change it for long-term success 

    Take the guesswork out of solving parrot behavior problems!

  • What's inside

    • Behavior Analysis to identify when the behavior occurs
    • Feather Plucking Scoring System to rate how severe the problem is
    • Frequency, Intensity and Duration Evaluation to measure behavior
    • Identify why your parrot plucks with a Functional Behavior Analysis
    • A Fishbone Analysis to Neatly Display Potential Causative Factors 
    • A Step-by-step Behavior Intervention Plan

    Easily track your parrots plucking or other behaviors. Gain important insights that help you choose strategies for long-term behavior change.  Track your efforts and start enjoying your parrot again.

    Take the guesswork out of solving parrot problems.

    40 pp.

  • Using This Book

    This e-book is a downloadable PDF and it is not currently available in a hard copy. You may download it immediately after your payment goes through.  

    Immediately after your payment is processed, you will receive a link that allows your to download the eBook up to three times.  Since we are unable to revoke your access to the book we offer a store credit within 1 day of purchase.

  • Author Bio

    Diane Burroughs, LCSW is the owner and founder of and UnRuffledRx Bird Collars. She has been a parrot advocate for 20 years. When her own parrot started plucking, she hatched upon the idea to learn everything that she could about parrot feather plucking. She also began developing a line of parrot plucking collars to protect parrots from self harm.

    Diane started offering help on blog posts and in eBooks for purchase on She also developed a Facebook group called UnRuffledRx Parrot Feather Plucking Help.  Using her Clinical Social Work background, her work focuses on teaching a variety of evidence based strategies to help curb parrot feather plucking, including using behavior modification.

    Learn more about how Diane’s parrot behavior articles can help your pet by visiting her blog at

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