BeakGuard Bird Vest
BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators -
BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators -
BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators -
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BeakGuard Bird Vest for Self-Mutilators

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Are you worried sick about your bird's self-mutilation? It's tough, but there's hope! Introducing our BeakGuard Bird Vest - specially designed with a military-grade insert to protect your feathered friend. Let's work together to tackle this challenge and bring happiness back into your bird's life. Ready to learn more about how we can help? Take the first step towards a brighter future for your pet!

  • 3 adjustment points for a customized fit.
  • Multiple stitching points reinforce interior military-grade fabric for enhanced protection.
  • Wash on ‘gentle’ setting with low or no heat and hang to dry.
  • May be combined with any of our bird collars for added protection.
  • Free consultation offered to coach users on optimizing the BeakGuard Bird Vest for their bird's needs.
How to measure the Beakguard vest
feather plucking rescue pack

Dealing with uncontrollable plucking urges

How To Protect Your Investment

  • SUPPORT WITH MOLESKIN: Use moleskin on velcro closures or vest chest for added protection. (Note: We avoid metal snaps to prevent metal poisoning and choking hazards.)
  • PARROT CALMING SUPPORT: Use Parrot calming supports to help soothe your bird's nerves and reduce plucking urges.
  • SPRAY COLLAR WITH ACV: Spray diluted apple cider vinegar on the outside of collar. The bitter taste may deter ripping it off.
  • REINFORCE SAFE ACTIVITIES: Reinforce positive behaviors and safe activities with favorite treats or scritches. Provide engaging toys, puzzles, and enrichment activities to keep your bird mentally stimulated and occupied. DO NOT reinforce ripping up the collar with attention.

What Other's Are Saying

Lisa L.

"After 10+ years of struggling with my Moluccan's plucking and mutilating, I've found little relief. Previous vests didn't fit well, and he always managed to get under them. But with this vest, the fit is perfect, and he hardly chews at it. Thank you for this amazing product!"

Got Questions?

Product Questions

Bird self-mutilation usually develops over time many of these birds have been introduced to bird collars. This combo is trying to protect your bird from dangerous self-destructive behavior. If your bird is new to collars, construct a bird rehabilitation cage, to maximize your birds safety while introducing this combo.

We try to offer our collars in soothing colors that match their plumage. Our best sellers are light blues, yellows, and grey.

However, there continue to be supply chain issues and many fabric patterns change seasonally, so our color offerings may be limited from time to time.

Birds, equipped with sharp beaks that can crack open nuts and nimble feet, can be quite destructive, posing a challenge in potentially destroying bird collars.

In particular, birds with self-mutilation tendencies can be relentless in trying to remove collars to feed their addictive compulsion.

Recognizing this risk, we strongly advise a proactive stance: reinforce collars with bird-safe bitters and fortify closures with durable moleskin.

To further safeguard against there determined efforts, consider additional measures like having a Saf-T Shield on hand, using over the counter bird calming supplements, or exploring prescription grade medications to calm the compulsions.

Vigilance and creative solutions will help ensure the effectiveness of the collars in curbing self-mutilation behaviors.

If you're considering this product, chances are your bird has developed a compulsive plucking habit. Take proactive steps by downloading my book to gain insights on outsmarting your clever companion. Enhance the velcro closures with moleskin for added durability, and consider deterring collar chewing by applying a bird-safe bitter spray. Be proactive in supporting your feathered friend's well-being!

1. Explore the option of using a bird collar to interrupt feather plucking.

2. Use this bundle to address common causes associated with feather plucking.

3. Identify and eliminate triggers that lead to plucking to effectively put a stop to the behavior.

4. Implement positive reinforcement and training to teach replacement behaviors and build self-confidence.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Grayson (Tampa, US)
Works with adjustments

I work at a parrot rescue and bought a few of these for Moluccans with bad plucking/ mutilating habits. The large fits well EXCEPT the space for the wing in the vest. There’s too much material there and it makes it too tight at the base of the wing. I cut away all the material right up to the Velcro and now they don’t mind wearing it.

Pamela Lynch
No more

This is the best thing that has happened to my bird. I put it on her at night when she goes to sleep. I take it off when she is in front of me. I put it back on her when she is in the cage. No more plucking and both of us are happier.


Can hold up to the pressure that a spoiled cockatoo antics

Matt W.

A little big


A little big