Taking Your Bird Out On A Parrot Leash Has Massive Benefits

Bird Leash

  • Your pet will be healthier.
  • A leash lets your parrot be active and improves coordination.
  • Just being outdoors and alert increase a parrots visual acuity.
  • Flying helps with language development and stimulates your birds intellect.
  • A bird that flies has higher elf-confidence, self-esteem.

As you can imagine, a happier, healthier, well-socialized parrot makes a better pet for you.  

What To Look For In A Parrot Leash

A good parrot leash needs to be easy to put on, strong and sturdy to restrain your bird during flight and lightweight.  And, just as important, it needs to be comfortable and safe since it attaches around wings and over your birds fragile chest area.  The Parrot University Aviator Parrot Leash has all of these qualities and even comes with a training DVD.


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