Goldenfeast Developed By Pet Nutrition Expert

Bird Food

Goldenfeast has been developing bird food right here in the USA since 1991.  Founded by Edward J. Schmitt, a pet nutrition expert, Goldenfeast has remained steadfast in their dedication to provide nutritious, wholesome blends that parrots crave.  Using a holistic approach, all Goldenfeast Blends are developed to offer all natural ingredients that provide essential nutrition without the use of preservatives, synthetic vitamins or other additives.

Vet Recommended Variety That Birds Need

Each blend features chunks of bird safe vegetation, seeds, fruits, nuts and more.  A sampling of the over 200 ingredients are used in the Goldenfeast line from spices and herbs, such as whole cinnamon, star anise seed, to flowers to green super-foods, known to activate the immune system, kill bacteria and ease inflammation. Your bird will receive an enticing assortment of shelled and in-shell nuts and seeds, whole grains, dehydrated vegetables and egg, bee pollen and at least 15 types of fruits. 

Choose Goldenfeast to offer your bird a huge variety of natural, essential nutrition. Its as close to what a wild bird might get.


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