UnRuffledRx Parrot Poncho Size Chart

 Poncho Size &

 Drape Length

Usually Fits These Birds

For proper fit, please measure your bird and match drape length


5" Dia.

 1.5" Parakeets, Lovebirds , Cockatiels, Small Conures (Green Cheek, Brown Throat, etc), and similar sized birds


7" Dia.

 2.5" Quakers, Senegal, Doves, Medium Parakeets, Indian Ringnecks,  Rainbow Lories, Rosella, Noble / Yellow CollarMacaw, Medium Conures (Sun, Jenday, Nanday, etc.), and similar sized birds


9" Dia.

 3.5" Congo Grey, Amazons, Timneh Grey, Yellow Collar Macaw, Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Galah, Lesser Sulfur), Large Conures and Parakeets, Chattering Lories, Pionus, and similar sized birds


11" Dia.

 4.5" Eclectus, Medium Macaws (Severe, Red Fronted), Large Amazons (Double Yellow, Yellow Nape, etc.), Most B&G Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos,


13" Dia.

4.9"   Large Macaws, Triton, Moluccan, Green Winged Macaws, Hyacinths, and similar sized birds