UnRuffledRx Bird Vest Size Guide

Sizing Information

Since individual birds vary in size, even within the species, choose the collars size based on your birds weight. Common species sizes are listed below however, for the most accurate sizing weigh your bird in grams.

Choose Bird Vest Size by Your Bird's Weight In Grams

 Size Girth x  Length Bird Weight
 Small  8" x 4.5"  200 - 300 gm.
 Medium  10.5" x 5.25"  300 - 499 gm
 Large 13.5 x 6"  500 - 700 gm
 X-Large 18" x 6.5"  700 - 1000 gm


Weigh Your Bird
African Grey (Congo) Medium 
African Grey (Timneh) Medium 
Amazon Medium
Amazon (Lilac Crowned) Medium
Amazon (Panama) Medium
Amazon (Yellow-Naped) Medium 
Bourke Parakeet X-Small
Budgie (American) X-Small
Budgie (English) X-Small
Caique Small 
Cameroon African Grey Large
Cockatiel Small
Cockatoo (Bare Eyed) Medium
Cockatoo (Citron) Medium
Cockatoo (Ducorps) Medium
Cockatoo (Eleonora) Large 
Cockatoo (Goffin) Medium 
Cockatoo (Greater Sulphur Crested) Large 
Cockatoo (Lesser Sulphur Crested) Medium 
Cockatoo (Medium Sulphur Crested) Medium 
Cockatoo (Moluccan) Large 
Cockatoo (Rose Breasted - Galah) Medium
Cockatoo (Triton) Large 
Cockatoo (Umbrella) Large 
Conure (Black-Capped) X-Small
Conure (Blue Crown) Large
Conure (Crimson Bellied) X-Small
Conure (Dusky) X-Small
Conure (Fiery Shouldered) X-Small
Conure (Golden) Medium 
Conure (Green Cheek) X-Small
Conure (Green Cheek – average with a girth of approx. 6") X-Small
Conure (Half-Moon) X-Small
Conure (Jenday) Small
Conure (Maroon Bellied) X-Small
Conure (Mitered) Small
Conure (Nanday) Small
Conure (Patagonian) Small
Conure (Pineapple) X-Small
Conure (Sun) Small 
Conure (White Eyed) Small
Crow Medium 
Dove (Ring Neck, smaller) Small
Dove (Ring Neck, larger) Small 
Eclectus (Grand) Medium 
Eclectus (Red Sided) Medium
Eclectus (Solomon Island) Medium
Eclectus (Vos Maeri) Medium 
Indian Ring Neck Small
Jardine Small
Lorikeet (Rainbow) Small 
Lorikeet (Smaller) Small
Lorikeet, Rainbow (Australian) Small
Lorikeet, Red Collar (Australian) Small
Lorikeet, Scaly (Australian) Small
Lovebird (Most) X-Small
Macaw (Blue & Gold - Larger) Large 
Macaw (Green Wing) Large 
Macaw (Hahns) Small
Macaw (Hyacinth) XLarge
Macaw (Illigers) Medium
Macaw (Military) Large 
Macaw (Red Headed) Small 
Macaw (Scarlet) Large 
Macaw (Severe) Medium 
Macaw (Yellow Collar) Small
Parakeet (Alexandrine) Small 
Parakeet (American) XSmall
Parakeet (Canary-Winged or BB) XSmall
Parakeet (Lineolated) X-Small
Parakeet (Moustache) Small
Parrot (Australian King) Small
Parrot (Hawk-Headed) Small 
Parrot (Myers) Small 
Parrot (Red Bellied) Small
Parrotlet XXSmall
Pigeon Small
Pionus Small
Pionus (Maxmillian) Small 
Quaker Small
Senegal (African) Small 
Starling Small