There are 8 genera of Conures: 

Conure Parrots - Sizes
 Genera of Conures  Common Varieties  Comparative size
 Aratinga  Sun, Jenday and Mitred Conures  Medium
 Pyrrhura  Maroon-bellied, Green-cheeked, & Black-capped Conures   Small
 Nandayus  Nanday Conure  Medium
 Leptosittaca  Golden-plumed Conure  
 Ognorhynchus  Yellow-eared Conure  Large
 Cyanoliseus   Patagonian Conure  Large
 Enicognathus  the Austral and the Slender-billed Conure  Medium - Large
 Guaruba  the Golden or Queen of Bavaria Conure   Medium - Large


When choosing conure parrot supplies, consider there is a wide variety in conure weights and sizes.  Conures range in length from about 9" to 18" and weight from 70 gm up to 270 gm.

  • Small Conures such as the Green Cheeked Conure weights approximately 70 gm
  • Medium Conures such as the Sun Conure weight 100-125 gm
  • Large Conures weight up to 275 gm.


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