Teaching Your Parrot To FlyTeach your Parrot how to obey commands and fly, and not only will you have control over your pet, but you will also allow your parrot to do that which is so important. fly! As humans, it’s vital that we exercise to stay healthy and fit. As a dog owner, you know how important it is to walk your dog for physical and mental stimulation. For parrots, flying is the exercise method that keeps them happy, healthy and fit!

 Provided your bird has shown some ability to flap the wings and take to the air, here are three essential commands you can must teach your bird in order to take it outside safely

Fly to Your Hand

Make no mistake. Some birds just like to sit pretty on their perch and take the day in, but even so, the ability to fly is there – if you are patient and willing to teach them! We recommend you place your parrot on their perch, and stand a short distance from the perch, with your hands outstretched, encouraging them to jump onto your hand by calling, “Come!” or by using their name. Encourage them with a treat/clicker and gradually increase the distance between you and your bird. Over time, your bird will start flying to you!

Fly to Perch

Once your parrot is in your hand, you may want them to fly to a perch. The secret to getting your bird to fly to that place is by tapping the perch with your other hand, stepping away from the perch and whilst facing it, gently tossing your hand with the bird and saying, “Go!” – so as to coax them to fly to it. Once the bird flies to it, reward with a treat or click. You will be able to teach your bird to fly to any place, from any distance over time. It just takes practice.


Once your bird is positioned on their perch or on your hand, it’s important to have enough control over them, so they stay in that position for as long as you want them to. Teaching the Stay command is easy. All it takes is for you to use an open palm, as if signaling, “Stop”. If your parrot is about to walk onto your hand or fly to you, simply hold up your palm and say, “Stay”. This command is what you use when you don’t want you bird to come to you at a certain time. If your bird is about to step onto your hand or fly to you, simply say, “Come!” as per the ‘Fly to Hand’ command. Remember to treat your bird with a treat or click.

 Commit to no more than four minutes each day for each command, and over time your bird will become a pro at obeying your commands in no time!


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