Taking Your Parrot On Outings and Vacation

Taking Your Parrot On Outings and Vacation

Taking a parrot on vacation
If you love your parrot bird as much as we love ours,  you want to take your parrot on holiday or vacation.  Parrots everywhere are hitting the road. Summer vacation holiday.  Thanksgiving, Christmas or Winter holiday.  Leaving college with your parrot.  Beach, mountains or visiting family.  Your pet bird will love bird carriers and vacation time.  

Being flock animals, your parrot will really appreciate you keeping him in mind when you leave town. After all, he considers you part of his family and may be fearful of strangers or bird sitters.  More so, finding a reputable pet bird boarding facility can be daunting. Since we "parrot lovers" are about parrots, who wants to expose their parrot to life threatening disease by boarding him?  If you can't get a parrot experienced bird sitter to come to your home and take care of your pet bird, than consider taking your pet bird on vacation.  Depending on your birds' disposition, it may be much less stressful for him and you.  And, a much more affordable way to vacation with your parrot.

Hiking with Your Parrot
Vacation or holiday with your parrot is not really a problem.  If you are reading this article about vacationing with parrots, you probably have your parrot around for daily family activities and socialization.  Even so, the cared for parrot adapts to your (his flock) changes if you keep his needs for safety in mind.

If your parrot bird is used to the enrichment from being part of daily family activities no worries!  Accomodating minor differences in routine, experiencing new situations with Mom or Dad present, hanging out - outside of the cage won't freak him out.  New experiences only help your pet bird parrot bond with you.   Never the less, just like vacationing with your kid or your dog, you'll need to make some minor accomodations to your travel plans. 

So, how do you go about holiday vacationing with your parrot?  Say you are traveling in a car.  That's easy.

First, take your parrot to the veterinarian to insure he is up for the trip and to groom him, to minimize the possibility of a fly off.

Second, find a hotel that accepts pets. Visit Pets Welcome for help.

Next, pack up the following bird parrot supplies:

  • Bird Cage or Bird Carrier
  • Bird Perch & Food Cups
  • Usual Bird Food and Water to minimize digestive upset
  • Portable Bird Stand
  • Foraging Bird Toys
  • Bird Leash Harness
  • Emergency Bird Supplies
    • Bird First Aid Kit 
    • Picture of your pet
    • Leg Band and/or microchip identification numbers
    • Home Vet contact information


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