Stock The Cage With Perches & Parrot Accessories To Help Your Bird Feel At Home

4 Tips For Picking a Parrot Perch

  1. Decide what diameter of parrot perch will fit your birds feet.  Your bird should be able to wrap its feet 3/4 of the way around the perch.
  2. Natural branch perches offer variable diameters that allow your bird to stretch and exercise the muscles and joints in its feet.
  3. Make sure to offer your bird 3-4 different perch textures at all times like a conditioning perch, wood perches or a rope perch.
  4. Make sure that the perch is long enough so that your bird has room to stretch its wings out.

4 Tips For Picking Parrot Accessories

  1. Research your parrots size, i.e., parakeets are extra-small while scarlett macaws are extra large, when picking out parrot accessories.
  2. Work with a store that you can contact via phone call, text, or email to learn appropriate sizing.
  3. Stick with brand name parrot accessories because the manufacturers are better about standing behind their products.
  4. Look for accessories that are easy to clean.


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