Parrot Carriers for Macaw's and Cockatoo's

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Macaws & Cockatoo's require a sturdy, chew resistant bird carrier. Trouble is that Large Bird Carriers are difficult to move, carry and fit in compact or small cars. On top of that, both of these large parrots have extremely strong beaks that can destroy inferior bird carriers. And, a Macaw needs a long or tall carrier to accomodate that beautiful tail. Both Cockatoo's and Macaw's need robust bird carrier's that are specially designed to deter or withstand chewing.

PROBLEM: Very strong beaks combined with a strong need to be close to their human companions. Long tailed Macaws require long bird carriers that minimize stress while protecting fragile tail feathers.

SOLUTION: Purchase appropriately sized, specialty products Cockatoo or Macaw Specific Bird Carriers at Chirp n Squawk:

Wingababo LG 

Wingabago Bid Carrier, Large

The large sized Wingabago Bird Carrier is designed for Umbrella Cockatoo's and Moluccan Cockatoo's. Cockatoo's are large, destructive parrots with powerful beaks. They tend to be needy birds that must know where you are at all times, especially if they find travel to be stressful. This thick walled, Lexan Bird Carrier has numerous, thin and long ventilation holes that prevent the Cockatoo from gaining any leverage to destroy the bird carrier.


Travel Cage 9007

 30"L x 18.5"W x 22"H;  1-1/4" bar space. Epoxy coated steel construction. Wire construction allows you to use bolt on bowls and perches. The 9007 Collapsible Bird Carrier is large enough to accommodate big birds while minimizing macaw tail damage. 9007 travel cage offers thicker gauge wiring than it's smaller counter-parts thereby deterring big beak destruction. This bird carrier has excellent ventilation. This travel cage can serve as a hotel during extended travel and collapses to the size of a medium suitcase when not in use. This travel cage is the only one we've found with a bottom grate and removable tray. Now that feature is worth it's weight in gold!


Crystal Shuttle: CS3

19"L x 10"W x 13" Thick walled construction, theCrystal Shuttle CS3 is sized for Rose Breasted Cockatoo's up to Moluccan Cockatoo's. Made in USA, this high quality, 5 - star bird carrier features wide shoulder straps and a carrying handle. Our customers about the workmanship of the Crystal Shuttle CS3, ease to clean and huge access door.

 Macaw Carrier

Crystal Shuttle: CS4

 Same superior acrylic bird carrier Crystal Shuttle construction kicked up a notch to ease your Macaw travel cage anxieties while protecting that precious tail. Front AND back entry door access for walk-in walk-out access. This incredibly innovative Macaw Bird Carrier is macaw tail safe, large bird beak safe,ventilation friendly. Uses MACAW SAFE construction materials.


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