Parrot Care Resources

Parrot Care Resources

You want the best for your parrot. (Us too.) So we’ve compiled a handy list of helpful resources to give pet birds and their owners (s)tweet information — whether it’s finding a vet or adopting a new pet.

If you are aware of an important and useful parrot care resource, please fill out the comment form below.

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The ARA Project
Fly Free (rescues & releases parrots caught in the wild-bird trade)
World Parrot Trust
Foster Parrots, Project Guyana
Project Bird Watch/ Indonesian Parrot Project
Tambopata Macaw Project, Peru
More Beautiful Wild
Wild Bird Trust


Association of Avian Vets
Avian Medical Articles
National Bird Day
Avian Welfare Coalition – Laws 
Air Travel with Parrots
Avian Welfare Coalition – Ways You Can Help
ASPCA Report Animal Cruelty
Current Law and Suggested Approaches to Improving Captive Bird Welfare
“Parrot Breeding and Keeping: The Impact of Capture and Captivity” by Bradshaw and Engebretson
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)
USDA Regulations
Project Vote Smart
Born Free USA


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