Import Tax

Your country's government or customs office may charge you a customs duty or import tax on your shipment. You are responsible for all customs duties imposed. Please advise in the comments section if the order is a gift.

Customs Clearance has no control over the duty process and is unable to provide reliable information about possible time in transit, duties, charges or rates in advance. Nor can we pre-determine import exclusions.  If you have a question, please don't order supplements. Please consult with your local customs office for further information. If a package is refused by customs and returned to us, we will refund you for the contents of the packaging only.

It is the buyers responsibility to contact their customs office to determine if the product ordered will clear customs.  If a package is returned to us due to customs restrictions we will reimburse for the cost of the products but not shipping charges. 

Attention Australian and New Zealand buyers

These two countries have strict importation requirements regarding many of our supplements.  Please do not order food products or nutritional Supplements.  They may not clear customs.


Attention UK Customers

Due to the complexities of Brexit, has discontinued all shipments to the UK as the VAT requirements are not compatible with the company structure. 

Furthermore, the following applies.

  1. Delivered Duty Paid (DDP): This indicates the seller is responsible for any import costs. It keeps your customer from paying unexpected fees but does require you to manage filing the associated taxes. It's a good idea to note in your shipping policy that you are collecting and paying customs duties and import taxes on behalf of your buyers.
  2. Delivered at Place (DAP): This indicates that the seller is only responsible for shipping the product, while the customer has to absorb any import costs. This will save you from filing taxes but may catch your customer by surprise and lead to delayed or returned shipments. We recommend you update your shipping policy to reflect that your buyers are the importer of record and are responsible for paying any applicable custom duties and import taxes.


Shipping Costs

We are a US company. Our preferred shipper is the United States Postal Service.  Time in transit is not guaranteed. We currently offer two international shipping rates:

Priority Shipping: 14-28 Business Days - starting at $34.00USD
Expedited Shipping: 7-21 Business Days - starting at $54.00USD