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Parrot Calming Formula



These amino acids support mood stabilization.  They are non-addictive, can be used long-term, and are bird safe. Dissolve in 8 oz. water. Serve 2x daily
Red Palm Oil for Birds Red Palm Oil Rich in beta carotene and essential fatty acids.  Inadequate beta carotene can make the skin dry and itchy and impact feather follicle health so that when feathers grow in, it hurts! Just a dab helps to improve overall health. Best if refrigerated! Scrape a dab onto a kitchen knife and add to pellets or chop. Liquifies at approximately 95 degrees 
FeatheredUp!  Biotin, Vitamins, Minerals FeatheredUp! is a feather growth supplement to use during molts or to support feather plucking birds.  it contains the nutrients needed for the body to grow healthy, lucious feathers.  You'll notice the difference at the next molt or when next, your bird grows new feathers. Sprinkle on moist diet. May also be mixed with organic baby food and served via syringe. Serve alternate days from calcium.
Aloe Vera Spray Aloe Vera in an aqueous base. Preservative. Feather plucking birds experience skin inflammation and other skin discomforts.  Aloe Vera's healing properties reduce discomfort & offer anti-inflammatory support. 
Shake bottle. Spray enough to moisten skin 2X a day.