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How To Clean A Bird Cage

How to Clean a Bird Cate

Routine For Cleaning A Bird Cage

Clean Bird Cage Daily Tasks

  • Change Soiled Cage Liners; Stack Them and Remove Soiled Ones Daily
  • Wash Food and Water Dishes With Soapy Water Until White Colored Slime Is Gone
  • Do a Quick Visual Inspection to Insure Toys and Accessories Are Safe
  • Sweep Floor and Surrounding Area; Wipe Up Splatters with Poop Swoop Wipes

Cleaning a Bird Cage Weekly Tasks

  • Scrape and Clean Grate
  • Scrape and Wash Tray
  • Clean Perches
  • Wipe Down Cage with Aviclean Concentrate Cage Cleaner 
  • Run Food and Water Bowls Through the Dishwasher
  • Inspect, Clean and Rotate Bird Toys
  • Use Parrot Safe Pest Control Products As Needed
  • Wipe Off Food & Poop Splatters with Bird Safe Cleaner Like Poop Swoop Wipes
  • Mop Floor and Surrounding Area

Clean Bird Cage Monthly Tasks

  • Clean Bird Cage Cracks and Crevices With Scraper and Disinfectant
  • Wipe down Interior and Exterior Bird Cage
  • Clean Walls Behind Bird Cage


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