Enriching Bird Toys that Your Bird will Love and Actually Use

Enriching Bird Toys

Enriching Bird Toys

Why Your Parrot Needs Enriching Bird Toys

Sure, buying toys for your bird is about parrot fun, but more than that,enriching bird toys serve an enrichment purpose in your bird’s life.  A bird without toys will have a lower quality of life and may have health problems due to poor mental and physical stimulation. Many behavioral problems are due to boredom from a lack of enriching bird toys. Parrots and other pet birds without bird toys may not be receiving enough stimulation in their life so they develop behaviors to compensate for the boredom that we humans think are problem behavior. A bored bird may scream, bite, become cranky, or turn to feather plucking. They misbehave as a result of boredom. Your parrot will spend his or her time playing with bird toys when you are not around, so it is important to choose the right toys for your pet.

Select Enriching Bird Toys That Stimulate

Birds need toys in several of textures to stimulate their mind and exercise their beak and body. Different textures, colors, sizes, and sounds all create an interesting and stimulating environment for birds.  Bird toys encourage your parrot  to think since mental stimulation is important for birds.

When you choose bird toys, keep in mind that you'll need to rotate them often so your pet is not bored with the same things to do every day. A good rule of thumb is to rotate 3-4  bird toys weekly.  Make sure the toys you have are appropriately sized for your parrot — larger birds are likely to break and possibly choke small toys, while small birds will not be able to handle large toys so they just don't play with them. Don't waste your money.  Buy the right sized bird toys.

You may need to try a few different toys before you find a style or texture that your bird enjoys. Every parrot is different and will respond to different bird toys. Some birds like to chew things, while others will prefer to ring a bell or push items around the cage.  Foraging bird toys are good because they reward birds when they solve a puzzle or interact with the toy.

Once you know what your bird likes, kept a variety of that style in stock. Parrots are very social creatures and need to live in an active environment that allows them to explore. If a parrot is kept without stimulation, it is likely to exhibit negative behaviors and depression. Toys give parrots the stimulation they need and help them develop into happy birds, and fun to be around.

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