The Story

I know parrot feather plucking. In fact, I wrote the book on it.
At, I believe that parrot feather plucking can be managed. Whether feather plucking is behavioral or medical, parrot feather plucking treatment works. Vets recommend a multi-pronged approach.  Bird collars, improving parrot husbandry practices, ramping up parrot enrichment and developing an individualized behavior modification plan to help stop feather plucking. Bird calming supplements may also be warranted. I’m obsessively passionate about parrots, and my mission is to help people help their parrots. I’m excited to end parrot feather plucking treatment with my products, my parrot plucking educational content and my community.

5 Star Reviews for Bird Collars

This collar has been a life saver. This collar has been a life saver. I have tried a lot of collars and this design is constructed perfectly. My avian vet was impressed with it. It has saved my moluccan Cockatoo life. His chest feathers are all most filled in. I feel the collar comforts him.
Thank you so much. Jaime O.