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Compare Natural Wood Bird Stands

Dragonwood vs. Manzanita vs. Java Wood Bird Stands 

Most of us know that coffee is grown in mountainous rainforest regions, the very habitat of many parrot species. 

In the past, coffee was grown in the shade of other rainforest trees. With increase in coffee consumption, farmers are began developing coffee plantations; deforested areas for a higher yield. Coffee trees don't live as long in full sun, though, so old, unproductive trees must be thinned out. Old coffee wood, also known as Java wood, is recycled for use as bird perches,wood bird stands, and other bird supplies as well as furniture and other items. Java wood is perfectly safe for all pet birds.

What so special about Java Wood Bird Stands for parrots?

First, java wood is a very hardwood withstanding even large parrot use over time. Secondly, Java wood branches naturally grow horizontally with considerable twists and variable diameters. No other bird safe hard wood grows in such bird friendly configurations.

Since 2008, Java wood have practically taken over the bird stand and bird perch industry. Many people prefer them over USA grown manzanita because java wood makes the most sturdy multi-branched bird stands and bird perches available.

Java Wood

Java wood naturally grows in a horizontal, multi-branched configuration making for a sturdy, intact stand with NO SCREWS!

High quality brands feature large, intact Java Tree Wood Bird Stands with numerous branches that are spaced for small, medium and large birds

Very hardwood that, once scraped and sanded, offers a great grip for parrots when the correct size is purchased. 

This hardwood will last and stay sturdy for years. It may just be the last bird stand you every buy.

Variable sized perches are healthy for your parrots feet.

Very easy to assemble.

High shipping costs due to size of branches

Java wood has become very popular with several bird supply brands who import Java Stands and Bird Perches. Cheaper brands use cost saving techniques of screwing scrap Java Wood together. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Cheaper models do not offer the same stability and longevity as intact trees do.

Imported products are available in limited quantities.


Manzanita Wood

Very hard wood harvested in the USA

Attractive wood.

Variable sized perches are healthy for your parrots feet.

Horizontal branches must be screwed on resulting in a bird stand with branches that naturally wear rather quickly.

Many home-based manufacturers harvest uncured wood resulting in cracks and split branches.

Dragon Wood

 Hard fairly straight wood

Attractive with fun to chew bark and easy to grip.

Somewhat variable sized perches.

Comes with easy to clean laminate base and very sturdy casters.

 Horizontal branches must be screwed on resulting in a bird stand with branches that naturally wear rather quickly.


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