Large Bird Toys

Large Bird Toys

Why Your Big Bird Needs Large Bird Toys

Large parrots such as macaw's and cockatoo's need well thought out parrot bird toys that are mentally stimulating yet sturdy and safe! Intelligent and inquisitive, large parrots require parrot toys that let them chew blocks of wood, parrot bird toys that make them forage and figure things out and several parrot toys that can be rotated for entertainment on a daily basis. Peachy, our Moluccan Cockatoo happily tests our large parrot toys before we offer them for sale at

Peachy has a huge beak and a voracious appetite for chewing and he can destroy parrot toys very quickly! He lets us know which parrot toys will withstand use for long enough to feel that the parrot toy is of value. Peachy helps us identify which parrot toys are safe. We found some inferior large bird toys that are made with inappropriate parts for large bird toys. The wrong sized parts can be dangerous for a large bird that can quickly and easily break off parts on parrot toys which can pose a choking hazard.

So, while brand name large parrot toys are more expensive, they are large parrot tested so that you know you are getting bird safe parrot toys for your precious parrot.. Peachy, like most parrots, goes through different stages when it comes to the kind of parrot toys that he prefers. Right now, he is into parrot toys that offer a lot of different textures but especially leather and rawhide parts. The Giant Leather Chain is a huge 22" x 11" wide and weighs about 3 1/2 lb. Woven onto a heavy duty chain your large parrot toy offers 1/2" thick sisal, cotton rope, colorful rawhide chews, massive leather patches, marbella beads and slices of hardwood branches with the bark intact. Now you see why this large parrot toy is so popular with Peachy! He has gone through five of these large parrot toys since we discovered them a year ago. He loves the variety that this parrot toy offers and we love the fact that this parrot toy lasts a long time.

Trusted Brands

Superbird Creations makes some wonderful large parrot toys that offer variety and are long lasting. Once such toy is the Bamboo Dangle Bird Toy. These parrot toys use bite size hard wood parts, chunks of wood to destroy, huge rawhide parts for a different chewing texture and large, closed link chain. When Peachy destroys the main wooden block, we put the parts in a Foraging Bucket Bird Toy and hang it inside of his cage or on his bird stand. Peachy also enjoys parrot toys made from natural fibers like Planet Pleasures Parrot Toys brand. He loves the palm leaf, coconut husks and coconut shells, cuttlebone parts and super hard bamboo. As a rule, Planet Pleasures Parrot Toys are a really good value for the money. Plus, these parrot toys help support rainforest populations who make a living making parrot toys rather than trapping and selling wild parrots.


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