Choosing Safe Bird Cage Accessories

Bird Cage Accessories

While not all cage accessories are necessary, they can add a lot of comfort to your birds home.   Many accessories make cage upkeep your cage easier, but more importantly, they give your feathered friend a cozy cage that will keep him or her happy, comfortable, well rested and with the ability for diversion.

Bird Cage Accessories to Ease Cleaning & Maintenance:

1. Bird Cage Liners.

With your bird climbing cage bars, splashing water, and food, and, of course, pooping, your cage is going to fall prey to rust, and may eventually need to be replaced.

To help maximize the lifespan of your cage, bird cage liners are very cost effective, and, as a bonus, make cleaning as effortless to rollup, remove and replace!

2. Bird Cage Covers and Seed Catchers.

These handy little bird cage accessories fall into the same maintenance category. A bird cage cover will filter out unwanted noise and light, and help your bird to settle down at night. Just be sure that the cover isn't too heavy, and that your bird still gets lots of fresh air.

Along with seed catchers, that... catch seeds, a bird cage cover also help to catch a lot of the feathers and dander that are shed during the night, so that there will be less to pick up off the floor next morning, so you spend less time cleaning up after your pet polly and more time playing around! More importantly, a cage cover will aid in sleep by blocking noise and light.

3. Bird Cups & Water Bottles

Locking Bird Cups and Water Bottles are other time saving little essentials that just make sure that yur bird doesn't remove it's bowl and dump the contents.  And the water bottle makes sure that your bird's drinking water stays clean.

4. Shoulder Cape (aka Poop Cape)

While not necessarily bird cage accessories, shoulder capes Worn over your shoulders, this cape keeps poop off your clothes when you're handling your bird, and also prevents holes for when your bird decides that a friendly little 'nip' at your shirt is in order.

Fun Bird Cage Accesories that Promote Exercise!

1. Bird Swings, Bungees & Exercise Ladders.

Your bird spends a large amount of time inside that cage of his, and any physical and mental entertainment that you can give him will be much appreciated, and will go a long way toward minimizing birdy boredom and irritability.

This doesn't mean that you don't have to play with your bird though, and you should still spend as much time as you can spare with your little one.

2. Bird Bed or Snugglie

Some birds enjoy sleeping on a perch, but most like to sleep in a warm snugglie or bird tent.

A bird bed or snugglie mimics the environment in which your bird would most likely have slept out in the wild, and can make your bird a lot more comfortable in his or her cage.  It may also filter light and noise a little helping your bird get a good nights sleep.

3. Your bird's favorite, a Bird Treat Holder!

Why not? Who doesn't like to see their pet relishing a sweet little treat occasionally? Just install one of these in your cage, attach a nice sweet little treat, and enjoy the show as your happy bird digs in!

Bird Cage Accessories for Comfort

1. Heated Perches & panels

Whether it's the middle of winter or your bird feels ill, a heated bird perch or cage mount panel goes a long way toward warding off the chill and promoting both comfort and healing.

2. Appropriately Sized Perches

Offer your bird a variety of perch styles in a size that fit's her foot.  Consider rope perches, natural branch perches, mineral perches, nail trimming perches, and, of course, heated perches.

3. Preening Style Bird Toys

All birds are compelled to preen and chew.  Preening toys are especially important for feather pluckers, diverting a bird's attention away from it's own feathers.  Consider Supreme Cotton toys, like the Messy Mop or natural grasses and rafia toys from Molly's Bird Toys or Superbird Creations.


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