Multipurpose Shower Perch

Smokey on a multipurpose perch
All birds need to be bathed, and theres a perch for that! These perches attach to smooth surfaces like walls and windows with large suction cups. If your tile is bumpy, the suction cups won’t stick.  These perches allow your bird to have a rain style bath while bonding with you.  They greatly reduce the amount of dust and dander in your birds living area by washing it all right down the drain.

Most multipurpose perches are made with PVC pipe and feature a swing out arm for the bird to perch on.  The actual perching surface and size is usually the main difference to look for.  Polly’s Pet Products brand features a rubberized perching surface, kind of like a bath mat while the new Rinse Ace brand makes a suction cup perch with a tough, water-proof non-slippery sanded perch surface that is designed to soften the feet and groom the toenails and beak during shower time. 

Functional Multipurpose Perch Features

One brand, though, FeatherSmart, has a unique shower perch in the shape of a half-circle.  This allows your bird to have more control on about where they stand in the shower stream.  We like this this brand because it features additional bracing to support heavier birds or more than one bird at a time. Another very popular brand of perch is the Happy Perch.  Two suction cups are attached to flexible plastic tubing.  

Don’t think these perches are only good in the shower!  They can attach to any smooth surface.  Place them on a closed window to allow your bird to see outside or on the bathroom mirror for birdie time while you’re getting ready for work.  Some people use them in the car, too.

Compare Brands

  Polly's Pet FeatherSmart
# Suction Cups

S: 2

L: 3

Both Sizes: 2

Stabilizing Arms

Perch Surface



Texturized PVC  
Perch Dia. + Length

Swing Away Arm

S: 5/8" x 11"

L: 1 1/4" x 15"

S: 3/4" x 8" x 8"

L: 1" x 12" x 12"



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