Bird Toy Safety

Green wing macaw on a ring stand


Bird Toy Safety is the #1 Consideration in Choosing Bird Toys

As a parrot enthusiast, you will undoubtedly hear horror stories of parrots that injured themselves on bird toys or in a poorly fitted bird cage. You'll read about incidents when parrots became entangled in their bird toys or even the quick links that attach the bird toy to the cage. Keep in mind that these incidents are NOT stories. They are actual accidents that happen more frequently people report. Bird cage safety and bird toy safety are as important for our parrots as baby proofing is for our children.

A search of the internet informs us that one of the most common injuries that both small and large parrots experience is getting their neck was caught in between cage bars or in an open quick link.  Think about how slim a parrots neck is.  Any hardware opening may pose a risk for an athletic, curious parrot. Entangling toes or neck in stringy fabric is also mentioned as being common parrot accident.

We know that our pet birds instinctually panic and want to fly off when they become trapped or entangled.  If you are not available to assist your parrot it may literally panic itself to death when entangled in a bird toy. 

Most of us have to work, so we trust our birds are safe in their bird cage during the work day.  This of course is generally the safest option for our parrots.  However, it is important to frequently inspect the bird cage interior and each and every bird toy for potential hazards.  It is equally important to buy your bird supplies from a company that sells top quality, bird safe bird toys rather than cheap, inferior bird toys. 

Bird Toy Safety Comes Down to Two Things

Manufacturer Reputation

A few very reputible bird toy manufacturers are Super Bird Creations Bird Toys, Planet Pleasures Bird Toys and Fun Max Bird Toys.  These bird toy brands have used extremely bird safe materials since we've been in business, from 1998. We recommend if you order bird toys online, that you purchase bird supplies company that actually has a passion for birds.  Look at the companies offerings.  Do they sell everything and anything hoping to make a quick buck or do they carefully choose bird toys and bird supplies that are vet recommended and that they would use on their own birds. only carries bird toys from safe, reputible bird toy manufacturers.  Not only that, literally assists you in choosing appropriately sized bird toys for your parrots.  This is why you are asked what type of bird you are purchasing the bird supplies for. 

Never the less, in spite of choosing a great bird toy supplier, you must make it a weekly practice to inspect bird cage accessories and bird toys weekly to see if there are strings you bird can become entangled in or loose hardware that can cause injury.  It is always better to be safe than sorry when deciding whether to salvage a used bird toy.  Only you can determine if your parrot has pulled at strings,  or twisted open a quick link. Our parrots, just like a little kid, are inquisitive and active.  (A combination of fun traits that keep us on our toes!) 

Bird Toys Safety Weekly Routine

We've developed a routine to promote safe play that includes:

  • Tighten loosely closed Quick-Links with pliers
  • Cut any strings longer than 2"
  • Check all bird toy hardware to see if it has been damaged from rough play to prevent a beak or toe from getting caught
  • Rotate toys and remove damaged toys

Remove all bird toys that have been substantially used.  You can easily recycle bird some of the toy parts. Never leave toys in the cage that have opennings in the hardware that a beak or toe can get caught in.  Check bird bungees and bird beds for fraying and long strings. Note that palm and sea grass based fibers break off in 1/4" pieces that are a bite size for parrots.  

Double check bird cage accessories while your at it.  Tighten nuts and bolts on perches and inspect everything.  Weekly bird toy and bird cage accessory inspection can give you the peace of mind that your bird's environment is as safe as possible. Wth these steps, you'll be taking proper steps toward bird toy safety.


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