Bird Harness + Diaper Flight Suit = FUN


Bird Diaper 

Never take your parrot outside without a bird harness or leash on. 
Parrots instinctually fly away when they are frightened. The Flight Suit Bird Diaper serves double duty in that you can attach an optional leash to it and it contains bird poop. Flight Suits are made from soft, stretchy, material that fits over your bird's torso allowing free movement of wings and legs. The optional lanyard leash allows you to keep your bird securely close. Use your bird diaper to take your parrot on a bike ride, on a boat, for walks on your shoulder or any outside activity. Please see Bird Diaper Sizing for choosing the right sized bird diaper for your parrot.

Parrots love to socialize and often, going places with you is a great socializing technique. A bird diaper and bird leash is the offers your bird optimum security when you use the correct size for your bird. You should be able to fit one finger inside the chest area when the bird flight suit is fitted properly. Flight Suit Bird Diapers made in a variety of colors but at, we only carry the rainbow color. If you need other colors please call us and we will special order a solid colored bird flight suit for you.

It's easy to quickly train your parrot to tolerate the Flight Suit Bird Diaper. Since the bird leash looks somewhat like a snake to your bird it can be quite frightening until your bird realizes that it is safe. Bird Diapers are easy to put on once you train your bird. The Kaylor Bird Harness attaches to your bird with snap on hooks. The bird diaper attaches with Velcro. You can purchase an optional bird diaper leash and bird diaper liners to absorb your birds poop! Bird diapers keep the poop off of your clothes and the interior of your car and when used with the leash, keeps your parrot from flying off.

Any bird or parrot can be trained to wear bird diapers. These little parakeets act totally at ease and natural in their bird diapers. They may have been trained to wear a bird diaper using Clicker Training for Birds. Using clicker training for birds techniques, you can shape each individual bird training step to ultimately make your bird feel totally at ease wearing a bird harness and a bird leash

Would you ever let your child ride in a car without a seat belt? Of course not! You want your pet bird to be as safe as a child in a car when you take your parrot outside. Bird leashes provide security and peace of mind for both you and your bird. Pet bird safety is worth the weeks it takes to train your bird to wear the bird harness.

Work with your bird on harness training frequently to maintain the birds comfort in it's bird diaper. Many birds remember the excitement and enjoyment of going outside when they have their bird harness on. They eagerly let you put it on again and again.

Get your bird a Kaylor Bird Harness or a Flight Suit Bird Diaper for your peace of mind!

Every bird deserves to go outside. Bird Diapers allow you to take your pet bird places and to travel on vacations with your parrot.

Bird Harness plus Bird Diapers are fun, easy and safe!


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