Bird Cage Supplies For African Grey Parrots

African Grey

Intelligent, inquisitive and busy, African Grey Parrots need a well stocked bird cage accessories and opportunities for exercise.  Ground dwelling and tree feeders, African Grey Parrots also enjoy both the hallows of trees and following elephants that create nutrient rich watering holes and fertilize grasses in their native environment.

Our Congo African Grey Parrot, Smokey, watches us carefully for any opportunity to fly off of his bird stand or crawl down from his bird cage and get into mischief.  Like a curious preschool aged child, this explorer is always trying to stick his beak little nooks and crannies.  Our choice of bird cage accessories need to reflect his innate needs and personal preferences. 

So what bird cage accessories do African Grey Parrots like?  Note how the picture to the right shows an African Grey Parrot playing in his bird cage with a Birdie Bungee and Foraging Bird Toy.

Here is our top five African Grey Bird Cage Accessories List:

  1. Foraging Vessels including strategically placed food bowls and foraging bird toys
  2. Bird Bed Sleep Tent
  3. Bird Perches including a Conditioning Bird Perch and a Calcium Rich Bird Perch
  4. Birdie Bungee | Birdie Boing
  5. Foraging and medium sized bird toys

Stock up on bird cage accessories today.


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