African Grey Parrot Bird Toys

Medium Sized Bird Toys

Medium sized parrots such as African Grey Parrots, Amazon Parrots and Small Cockatoo's need bird toys designed especially for them.  While medium sized parrots have strong beaks they can't easily chomp through bird toys that feature chunks of hard woods. African Grey Parrot Bird Toys are appropriate for all medium sized birds. With beaks that open about 1.5", Medium parrots need semi-hard wood bird toy parts cut across the grain about 1" thick.

Why Medium Parrots Need Bird Toys

Most medium sized parrot species are extremely intelligent and they have a long life span.  Medium sized parrot species consist of some ground dwelling scavenger species like African Grey Parrots or Goffin Cockatoo's plus tree feeders in the Amazon parrot group.  As a general rule, ground dwellers like thin, grass like fibers and soft wood parts in their bird toys while tree dwellers prefer seed pod, harder seed products. African Grey parrot bird toys cater to these type of birds.

Specialty bird toy manufacturers carefully design bird toys that satisfy the wood density and texture needs that replicate nature in medium sized parrots natural environments. 

The beak strength of medium sized parrots is not nearly that of larger Macaw's or Cockatoo's yet African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots crave chipping off small chunks of wood, foraging through natural fibers in bird toys and tearing stuff up.  Small, soft wood bird toys will be destroyed quickly and may pose a choking hazard while large, hard wood bird toys are made from dense woods with tough fibers that a medium parrot can't tackle.  Large bird toys feature hard woods in large sizes that a big beak can open up to.  Medium parrots need softer wood bird toy parts that are cut in about 1" to 1.5" bird toy part chunks to satisy their need to chew and destroy. Medium sized bird toy parts need to be of adequate density that your African Grey Parrot or Amazon Parrot can open it's beak and chomp down to do some bird toy damage!



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