Wood Parrot Stands

Peachy on a Wood Bird Stand

Wood Bird Stands for small, medium and large parrots can be costlly, but they are well worth the investment.  Bird stands should be considered just as important as a bird cage for your parrots well being.  

Ranging from $120-$800, depending on the size and ease of shipment, you’ll want to plan your wood bird stand purchase carefully.  Most of us buy a quality bird stand so that we can offer our bird valuable socialization and exercise.  We know that well socialized birds that get exercise are better behaved and more fun to be around.  Wood bird stands, with 5 to 10 branches encourage exercise but more than that, they are a very natural environment where you can develop a foraging tree for your parrot. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Wood Bird Stand?

  • As a rule, wood parrot stands have more vertical and horizontal climbing room than any other style of bird stand.  All of those branches promote exercise and offer foraging opportunities.
  • Natural branches have variable diameters exercising the many feet and leg muscles thereby promoting foot health.  
  • Java Wood Bird Stands in particular, are incredibly sturdy since the branches are actually part of the tree as opposed to man-made, screwed on branches.  This strong structure offers full body exercise your birds torso and wings.
  • It is easy for a novice handyman to add toy hooks and foraging dishes to customize a wood bird stand for your particular bird.
  • When made from bird safe hardwoods, wood bird stands can last for years.


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