The 10 Best Talking Birds

Popular Talking Birds

Some of the best talking birds are listed below.  Please note that while these species are know to be talking parrots, not all of these will parrots talk or be extremely fluent. Using scientifically based research and training techniques, such as those described in Good Bird, Inc. Train Your Parrot to Talk.  

#10 Common Budgie Parakeets — Yes! You read that correctly! Parakeets (Budgies) are one of the best talking birds around. Also known as the Budgie or budgerigar, these popular little birds have been known to learn numerous words, phrases and even songs!  Parakeets have tiny voices so it may be difficult to discern if they are talking.  Males tend to learn to talk easier than females.

#9 Quaker Parrots — Quaker lovers describe their pets as smart and social.  Many of our customers have told us about the large vocabulary that their pets possess, talking in both words and phrases. 

#8 Blue-Fronted Amazon — Blue fronted Amazon’s have been identified as excellent talkers by many parrot owners.  These long lived birds say both words and phrases and YouTube are loaded with videos of these talking and singing parrots in very human-like voice tones.   

#7 Indian Ringneck — While Indian Ringnecks have a unique voice, they are known to speak clearly in sentences!  These birds can develop a large vocabulary complete with human intonation!

#6 Eclectus Parrots — Fairly easy to train, Eclectus are great talking birds and are known for clear verbalizations that capture spirit and mood. 

#5 Yellow-Crowned Amazon — With a comparatively calm temperament these Amazon parrots are among the best talking parrots. 

#4 Double Yellow Head Amazon — These colorful Amazon’s with bright yellow heads are one of the best talkers, imitating sentences and songs alike.  Check out the numerous video’s on YouTube. 

#3 Hill Myna — While not a parrot, Hill Myna’s are popular pet birds that are known to be some of the best talking birds ever, easily impersonating people with a range of pitch and tone.   

#2 Yellow-Naped Amazon — popular knowledge is that the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot is the best talking Amazon!  Known for developing very large vocabularies, YN Amazons can combine words into clear sentences with proper tempo and tone.

#1 African Grey Parrots — Research on Alex the African Grey Parrot demonstrated the intelligence of these beautiful birds to be similar to a human toddler.  These sensitive , talking birds may have a personality more like a cat in that they have a way of getting their needs met.  It has been thought that Timneh African Greys start speaking at a younger age than their cousins, Congo African Greys. 

So, if you really are interested in talking birds, research the personality traits and care needs of these ten birds and see which one best fits your lifestyle and care capabilities. 


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