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Why Is My Pet Bird Screaming? eBook

Is bird screaming stressing you out?

You get on the phone...SQUAWK!!

Friends stopping by for a visit...SCREECH...SQUAWK...SCREECH

Have you ever been in that situation? When you can't even concentrate because of a loud bird making so much noise?

Learn how to stop your bird from yelling with these science-backed strategies like positive reinforcement and teaching replacement behaviors in this e-book.

In this Bird Screaming eBook, you will discover…

  • Learn what causes bird cries and how to handle different situations
  • Learn how to turn a problem of bird cries into a learning opportunity with these four science-based strategies
  • Learn how to quickly improve your bird's behavior with a personalized plan.

Learning positive reinforcement and retraining behaviors will help you manage your bird’s screaming habit. 

Why Is My Pet Bird Screaming? eBook contains worksheets that literally walk you through the process of retraining bird vocalization towards normal. You’ll learn 4 science-based techniques you and your family can use to stop bird screaming and help your parrot learn new, more effective ways to communicate with you.