Parrot Hormone Rescue Pack

  • Overview

    Each Feather Plucking Rescue Pack contains these 3 products

    • Coconut Oil, 8 oz. 
    • Hemp Seed,1 lb.
    • Probiotics, 45 gm 

    Whether your parrot is experiencing seasonal hormonal behavior or chronic hormonal behavior, our Parrot Hormone Rescue Pack offers dietary support that, over-time, supports improved mood, aids in reducing the variety of physiological effects of unbalanced hormones, and actually aids in achieving improved hormone balance. Simply follow the package directions on each product.  

    Upgrade Your Pack 

    Calcium, Magnesium +D3 supports effective nervous system functioning

    Serve 2-3 times per week in water. Calcium aids in both nerve and muscle functioning, amongst other benefits. Calcium deficiency may result in nervous behavior like fear, aggression, screaming and feather plucking. We've added Magnesium and Vitamin D3 for maximum absorption and maximum benefit.

    How To Handle A Hormonal Bird Book

    A hormonal parrot can be difficult to be around.  While all adult parrots go through a seasonal cycle once or twice a year, it is very easy to induce chronic hormonal behavior in a pet bird.  Learn the conditions that induce hormonal behavior in parrots and learn effective strategies that put an end to your parrot behavior problems.

    • More Info

      IS YOUR PARROT HORMONAL?Know the signs.

      • Strutting with feathers fanned
      • Flat backing
      • Displaying feathers
      • Increase in territorial behavior
      • Nest making and shredding
      • Feather plucking
      • Regurgitation of food in your presence
      • Panting
      • Masturbation
      • Louder and more frequent vocalizations
      • Increase in biting & lunging
      • More aggressive play

      The days are getting warmer and longer. We're loving on our birds now more than  ever. Just to use some Urban Dictionary language.  Ummm. That stuff just makes your bird horny. Fortunately, there are a number of supplements that you can feed your bird to support hormone balance. 

      We've just introduced the Parrot Hormone Support Pack to help reduce the impact of your sex-craved parrot.  Check it out. 

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