Parrot Hormone Rescue Pack

Your bird is on edge? It could be hormones. Unbalanced hormones create physical and emotional symptoms: depression, aggression, chronic egg-laying, and feather picking...

Our Parrot Hormone Rescue Pack offers dietary support that over time aids in reducing the physical effects of unbalanced hormones, and supports improved moods and long-term hormone balance.

  • Coconut Oil, 8 oz. 
  • Hemp Seed, 15 oz.
  • Probiotics, 45 gm 

Most parrot species become hormonal once or twice a year.  But, there are certain environmental conditions that induce unhealthy, year-round hormonal behavior in birds. Learn effective strategies that put an end to your hormonal parrot problems quickly in my book.

Signs Of A Hormonal Parrot

  • Strutting & flat backing
  • Chronic egg-laying
  • Nest-making and shredding paper or fibers
  • Feather plucking
  • Regurgitation, panting, & masturbation
  • Loud, frequent vocalizations
  • Increased lunging, biting, & territorial behavior

Help your hormonal bird get back to normal.  Get the Parrot Hormone Rescue Pack today.

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