DYI Bird Collar Pattern
DYI Bird Collar Pattern
Velcro Cone Bird Collar Pattern - BirdSupplies.com
DYI Velcro Bird Collar Pattern

Diane Burroughs, LCSW

Velcro Cone Bird Collar Pattern & Easy Sewing Tutorial

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✔ One Velcro Bird Collar Pattern with easy-to-follow instructions 

 Tutorial manual that describes how to help your bird adapt to apparel and offers science-backed strategies to curb feather plucking behavior

  Quick, easy download as soon as you place the order


Save money and make your own bird collar for feather plucking.  This downloadable sewing pattern is easy enough for beginners to make.  All you need is a sewing machine.

This bird collar is designed for moderate feather plucking birds who've developed a minor habit of picking out their feathers  The base is two layers of thick fleece. The top features two layers of fleece cut into fringes that your bird can chew on to divert its attention from destroying its own feathers.

You'll receive a PDF pattern and instructions plus a training manual to help your bird adapt to wearing bird collars. 

Always supervise your bird when it is wearing apparel, especially if it is weak or sick.


Size Measurements Bird's weight range
XXSmall 3.5" Cone
25 - 75 gm.
XSmall 4" Cone 75 - 125 gm.
Small 1" x 6.75" x .5" 125 - 250 gm.
Medium 1.5" x 8.75" x .75 250 - 450 gm.
Large 2.5" x 9" x .75  450 - 850 gm.
X-Large 3" x 10" x 1"  850+ gm.

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