Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal
Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal
Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal
Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal
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Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal


Capital Universal Full Spectrum Light for Birds by Featherbrite

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Introducing FeatherBrite, where bird lights are more than just fixtures – they're a health boost for your feathered friend! Handcrafted in the USA, each UV light is a commitment to your cherished companion's happiness. Trusted by prestigious institutions like the Philadelphia Zoo and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. FeatherBrite goes beyond mere lighting in its commitment to your birds safety. Join our flock of devoted bird enthusiasts and let FeatherBrite brighten your buddy's world with happiness by offering your tropical pet the many benefits of bird UV lighting.


Bird Light Boost: Experience essential daytime UV exposure, resetting your bird's circadian rhythm for optimal health

Advanced LED Efficiency: Benefit from FeatherBrite's LED technology, providing energy-efficient, bird-safe lighting for your feathered companion.

  Safety First Design: Made in the USA, enjoy impeccable safety features in our quality bird light, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment.

  Compact & Convenient: The package includes a sturdy fixture and an electric cord extender for easy installation, offering FeatherBrite quality in a compact size.

Give your lucky feathered friends the gift of health and wellness with FeatherBrite's Universal Full Spectrum Light for Birds! 🌟 Ever wondered how to provide top-notch UVA-UVB light for your avian buddies? It's a breeze for caring bird parents like you who prioritize their well-being.

This game-changing light, weighs under 3 lb., comes with either 8" wire extenders to lift it gracefully off the cage or a swag feature. The assembled bird light measures 10.5 x 11 inches.  Featuring a protected 8 ft. electrical cord with a handy on/off switch, you can choose from four stunning, non-toxic powder coat colors!

Invest in your bird's safety – always unplug the light when they're enjoying their out-of-cage adventures. Elevate their space, show them the love they deserve, and let FeatherBrite's brilliance be a beacon of well-being in their lucky lives! 🦜✨

Learn more about bird lights here.

bird uv light

💕 We Love this bird uv light 💕

Our Birds Feel So Much Better!

Revitalize with FeatherBrite Bird Lights! My lovebirds' vibrant feathers are proof of improved health and happiness. Just ordered a second light for my new rescue cockatiel with dull feathers. Excited to witness their transformations! 🌙✨

Best Bird Lights ever

The Perfect Bird Care Solution For Your Treasured Pet

Bird UV Lights

Radiant Plummage

Elevate your parrot's beauty with a Bird UV Light, fostering natural feather health and vibrant colors. 🐦✨

benefits of bird uv light

Mood Boosting Magic

Immerse your feathered friend in mood-enhancing UV light, stimulating vitamin D3 production for a happier, livelier parrot.

benefits of bird lights

Vital Calcium Absorption

Invest in your parrot's well-being with a UV light – essential for optimal calcium absorption, ensuring strong bones and a healthy, happy companion. Enrich their world today! 🌟🦜

Immune System Support

Optimal exposure to UV light can fortify your parrot's immune system, helping them stay resilient and healthy.

About FeatherBrite bird lights

Caring For Your bird light

FeatherBrite: Shine On!

Chew-Resistant Cord: FeatherBrite Bird Lights are designed with a chew-resistant cord, ensuring your bird's safety and preventing potential hazards.

Non-Toxic Materials: Crafted from non-toxic materials, FeatherBrite Bird Lights prioritize the health and safety of your feathered friend, even if they decide to explore the light up close.

Optimal Perching Placement: Position the FeatherBrite Bird Light directly over your bird's favorite perch, ensuring they perch approximately 2' - 3' away from the bulb for the ideal balance of light exposure and comfort.

Easy Care: Keep your FeatherBrite Bird Light pristine with a simple wipe using a damp cloth. Plus, replacement bulbs are readily available for continuous, hassle-free enjoyment



FeatherBrite lights are made with care in Pennsylvania. They usually ship in 2-3 following your order.

Orders are shipped via USPS or FedEx.

This item only ships within the continental USA.

Yes, it is returnable. However, please note that as this light ships directly from the manufacturer, there may be a reboxing fee if the box has been opened or damaged in transit. Additionally, shipping charges are non-refundable. You are responsible for shipping it back to the manufacturer.

Product Questions

Introduce the light gradually, starting with shorter periods and increasing over time. Place it near their favorite perch, and observe their behavior to ensure a smooth adjustment. For extra shy birds, place the light near the cage for a few days.

Bird lights mimic natural sunlight, promoting feather health, mood, and overall well-being.

Windows have UVA/UVB filters, eliminating the beneficial spectrum of light for your bird. Bird lights offer controlled and unfiltered exposure, ensuring your bird receives the full range of light benefits without potential risks from external environmental factors.✨

For the "All Day All Night Bird Light," switch to the nighttime bulb during the evening to avoid disrupting circadian rhythms. While the light can be left on during the day, it's recommended not to exceed 10 hours to prevent potential hormonal behavior induction.

Wipe down the light weekly with a damp cloth. If the bulb accumulates dander, gently dust it with a dry cloth. Regularly check cords for safety, and store the light in a cool, dry place when not in use

The assembled light, weighing 2 1/2 lb, boasts dimensions of 10 1/2" x 11". Keep in mind, it might not be ideal for smaller cages. Refrain from attaching avian cage lamps to the sides for optimal usage.

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Eng
Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Full spectrum light

Love the way it sits on the cage. My birds seem happier with it. They seem more active. Frequently find them sitting under it.

Carolyn Eng

Full spectrum light
Love the way it sits on the cage. My birds seem happier with it. They seem more active. Frequently find them sitting under it.