The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary Customers Donate to The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary

The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary is a life saver for over 700 homeless parrots.  Parrots come to the Gabriel Foundation from a variety of different circumstances and receive the utmost care from a team of volunteers.  Discover how customers rallied to make a nice donation to the parrot sanctuary.
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Colorado Springs, CO (May 7, 2014) This year, to commemorate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, rallied customers to donate for a very good cause, homeless parrots in a parrot sanctuary.  “While it felt good to help parrots in need, the real winners are the parrots of The Gabriel Foundation (TGF),” states Diane Burroughs, President of  “Our fabulous, caring customers are the real hero’s.” 

The Gabriel Foundation, a Parrot Welfare Organization in Colorado cares of over 700 parrots in need of a forever home.  "People relinquish parrots for a variety of reasons" states Ms. Burroughs.  “While parrots are smart and beautiful, they can be noisy and messy.  Expensive parrots require a lot of care and training to maintain their loving demeanor.  Some people just get over-whelmed, especially, when parrots live so long.”

After volunteering at the organization, Ms. Burroughs realized just how special TGF is.  Kind-hearted, hard-working volunteers insure that the parrots are kept in clean, yet enriching enclosures and fed well-balanced diets including plenty of fresh veggies and nutritional grains.  An onsite veterinarian provides excellent care for the parrots. Potential adopter’s are carefully screened to insure a good fit of parrot species and “parront” or family needs.  superstar customers helped raise enough money to make a difference for TGF parrots during the National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.  10% of all parrot supplies proceeds from the week of April 28-May 3 were donated to TGF in an effort to ensure that homeless parrots are cared for.

High Four to the customers of and to TGF Volunteers!