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The approach of the winter season normally sends a chilly cloud down the spine of many parrot lovers. The icy, cold season usually brings with it discomfort not only to the birds but the owners as well. Many of the caged bird pets in America have their origin in geographical areas that are warm almost all year round. These exotic pets are normally tropical and thus their whole biological system is adapted to warm climates. However, with a few winter parrot supplies from, winter can be just another season for your bird. The accessories you put in your pet's cage will go a long way toward ensuring it's comfort during this season.


Bird Beds

Consider putting a Bird Snuggle Hut in the cage so your bird does not stand with it's feet on a cold perch. Scooter Z Tropical Bird Bed will serve this purpose well. With various sizes, any parrot, from Budgie to Macaw can snuggle up warm. Have you considered buying an Avian Fashions Bird Hoodie to shield the pet from the cold? Please keep in mind that you'll want to carefully train your bird to feel safe and comfortable when using any kind of bird apparel.


Heated Bird Perches

Heated bird supplies for winter Regulating the temperature during winter is very crucial for your parrots health. Remember, tropical climates range between about 60-80 F . If gas prices send chills up your spine, try a Thermo-perch Heated Perch or a Snuggle Up Bird Warmer to warm up the birds cage. What makes this products so unique is that it is thermostatically controlled and bird safe unlike other methods of warming up a bird's cage during winter. Plus, your bird can move away from the heat source if it gets to warm. You also don't have to worry as much about carbon monoxide or dry air - or your utility bill, for that matter. How you choose to warm up your birds environment should be well thought of.

Ensuring humid, fresh air for your bird helps your birds immune system too. Remember, birds are from tropical climates and just like us, they need to keep their nasal passages moist in the winter to assist in ridding the body of infections. Most modern heating systems suck the humidity right out of the air drying out your birds skin, feathers, nasal passages and eyes. Make sure that your bird gets plenty of baths, even in the winter. Always bathe in the morning so your bird isn't as prone to getting chilled. A mister will help clean bacteria off of the feathers helping your bird stay moisturized and healthy.

Bird Food Considerations

Vitamin A Deficiency In Parrots Currumbin Valley Birds, Reptiles & Exotics Vet Surgical Removal Of Impacted Nasal Cavity Due To Vitamin A Deficiency

The kind of diet you feed your bird can really makes a difference in how your bird weathers the winter months. Many pet birds suffer from malnutrition leaving their immune system weak. Combine that with dry nasal passages that allow inhaled contaminants to enter the system and its a recipe for illness. A well-balanced, organic diet like Harrison's Bird Food will help your bird maintain its immune system throughout the winter months.

Vitamin A is critical in maintaining skin health. Make sure that your bird gets a huge variety of leafy green, red and orange vegetables at all times, but especially in the winter. Calcium is another nutrient that is missing in many caged bird diets. Calcium helps in the formation of healthy bones and feathers. How you choose your pets diet will affect its functioning and activeness during the cold season. Pellets for birds are more recommendable to seeds. Consider other bird supplements like Avitech AvioBios Probiotic Supplement, 2 OZ and Avitech Aviflax Gold Premium Flax Seed to boost the immune system too.

And speaking of the immune system, make sure that your bird has access to fresh, clean water at all times. Birds are notorious for dipping their pellets in their water, making a bacteria soup in a few hours time. Why invite trouble? Wash the food bowl with hot, soapy water at least once a day.

With these parrot winter care tips, your bird will thrive in the winter, even if the thermometer dips too low.

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