Scratching Bird Skin Care Bundle

Is your scratching bird miserable?  Your poor little bird could be suffering from unbearable itchiness and dry skin. Since parrots typically are from tropical regions with high humidity, the lack of moisture inside of your home can put them under a lot of stress.

Before your sweet pet scratches itself raw or plucks out its feathers, give it some much-needed relief from dryness and itchy discomfort with the Scratching Bird Skin Care Kit.

Our BASIC SCRATCHING BIRD KIT includes the following products: 

  • FeatherSoft:  Instantly relieves itching and soothes skin. Supports skin ailments by locking in moisture and preventing the skin from drying out.
  • Red Palm Oil is loaded with vitamins A & E, Omegas, and Beta-Carotene.  Boost your birds' nutritional status with nutrients that support skin health. 

Our ENHANCED SCRATCHING BIRD KIT includes both products in the Basic Kit, plus the following:

  • Bath Spray With Natural Preening Oil: Immediately clean and moisturize dry skin with our popular Bird Bath Spray that rejuvenates skin and feathers.
  • FeatheredUp!:  Contains all of the nutrients needed for healthy skin and optimum feather growth.