Why Get a Portable Bird Stand?

Portable bird stands are a popular stand that lets you socialize your parrot more than you thought was possible.

As flock animals, parrots rely on companionship for emotional health. People who socialize their parrots daily by holding them and letting them out on bird stands report fewer behavior problems such as biting and screaming. Providing a comfortable bird stand all pet birds is important.

There are several styles of portable bird stands that work well for small and medium sized parrots. Some portable bird stands have toy hangers while others are just plain T-style bird stands. Smaller portable bird stands are easy to carry around from room to room while you work. Portable stands for larger birds are great to put on a table and are perfect for taking on trips.


Make sure that the bird stands perches are appropriately sized for your birds feet. Your bird's feet should rest on the top half of the bird perch rather than wrap completely around it. Your parrot will be more comfortable on a properly sized bird stand.


When choosing a portable bird stand, decide what function you wish the bird stand to serve. Do you want to use the bird stand for bird training purposes or are you planning on using the portable bird stand for socializing your parrot? Do you plan to take your portable bird stand on vacations? If you plan on using the portable bird stand a lot, purchase one that is easy to wash. These questions will help you narrow your portable bird stand choices down.

Many parrot enthusiasts have two different portable bird stands. One to be used for portable bird training stand while the other portable bird stand can have toys and climbing perches for socializing your parrot.  A separate training bird stand certainly signals to your parrot that it is not play time. It is learning time.

Clean and disinfect your bird stands when they become soiled. You can clean your bird stand with Pet Focus Disinfectant. Pet Focus won't harm the surface of most bird stands but it will kill bacteria and fungus that may accumulate in cracks and crevices of bird stands. AviClean does a superb cleaning job, especially on wood bird stands such as our Natural Wood Table Top Bird Stand shown left.

Our portable bird stands are so popular because they are so functional for parrots. Portable bird stands are lightweight, easy to move about the house and they make great bird stands for taking on vacation. The parts are replaceable on some of the bird stands.

Bird play stands are an important pet bird accessory. We believe that they are almost as important as a properly sized bird cage. Bird gyms are great for training your bird and for socializing your parrot. Your parrot will be better behaved with socialization afforded by an easy to clean bird play stand. You will be pleased with any of the parrot gyms or bird play stands offered by BirdSupplies.com.


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