Fringy Cone Bird Plucking Collar

Size Guide

Made with multiple layers of fleece around the neck and a layer of stiff fabric in the base to protect most of the body

Healthy birds can eat and drink in this collar and they maintain most of their range of motion.

  Fastens with industrial-grade Velcro that's easily reinforced with optional moleskin

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    The UnRuffledRx Fringy Cone Bird Collar creates a comfortable barrier that inhibits your pet from feather plucking or aggravating wounds. It features a stiff base that flanges out from the body. Multiple layers of thick fleece around the neck keep birds from being able to reach their chest, back, tail, and legs.

    Comes in assorted colors based on fabric availability.

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    Size Measurements Bird's weight range
    Small 6" Dia. Cone 125 - 250 gm.
    Medium 8" Dia. Cone 250 - 450 gm.
    Large 10" Dia. Cone 450 - 850 gm.
    X-Large 12" Dia. Cone  850+ gm.

These premium bird vests are manufactured according to our specifications at a sustainable factory in Guatemala with US sourced materials.

Our Fringy Cones come in 4 sizes, S - XL. It is designed to support small to large birds that are bald or tht self-mutilate. This collar can be paired with the Beakguard Vest for aggressive pluckers and mutilators.

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Find Your Size

Birds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But don't worry! We can get you the right size right now by just knowing your bird's gram weight.

Washing Your Bird Collar

You might want to buy two collars so you can always have a clean one available to put on while you wash the soiled one. 😋😇🐦🥒