Sock Buddy Bird Sweater Pattern
Sock Buddy Bird Sweater for Plucking Pattern
Sock Buddy Bird Sweater Pattern

Diane Burroughs, LCSW

Sock Buddy Bird Sweater for Plucking Pattern

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✔ One Sock Sweater pattern with easy-to-follow instructions

Our tutorial manual guides you in helping your bird adapt to apparel with ease. Discover science-backed strategies to curb feather plucking behavior and ensure your bird's well-being.

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Make a bird sweater for feather plucking from a crew sock this afternoon! This quick, easy, and fun project is perfect for seamstresses of all levels.

Have a blast picking out colorful, soft socks so your bird can sport a new sweater every day. We'll guide you in choosing the best socks and help your bird adapt to wearing its new sweater. Just be sure to watch for fraying and trim any strings as needed.

From newborn baby sizes to Men's XL, there's a sock for every bird. Get started today and give your feathered friend the cozy comfort they deserve!

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