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Sprouting Seeds for Birds
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UnRuffledRx Organic Sprouting Seeds For Birds, 13 Seed Blend, 9 oz.

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Take flight to avian wellness with UnruffledRx Sprouting Seeds! Our blend of 13 seeds promotes feather health, ensuring your bird chirps with joy. Soak or sprout for a nutritious delight, and bid farewell to feather plucking!


✔  SPROUTING SEEDS FOR BIRDS: Unleash the full power of nutrition! Soak or sprout our seeds for a tremendous boost in antioxidants, vitamins, and overall nutritional value. Your bird deserves the best! 🌱

  ORGANIC, PLANT-BASED NUTRITION: Choose UnruffledRx Sprouting Seeds for Birds – an organic, unprocessed solution for your feathered friend's optimal health. Elevate their well-being effortlessly! 🌱

✔  AN IMPORTANT PART OF PREVENTION: Enhance your bird's diet with UnRuffledRx Sprouting Seeds! Soaked and sprouted raw seeds provide dense nutrition, preventing common health issues, including feather plucking. 🌱

  WHOLESOME RAW INGREDIENTS! Our Certified Organic & Non-GMO blend delivers natural nutrition, packed with protein, fiber, calcium, and essential vitamins. Treat your bird to quality, wholesome ingredients!

Imagine the joy your beloved bird will feel while relishing our sprouting bird seeds – a delightful and healthy treat! Bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein, our unique blend of sprouts and soaked seeds not only pleases your pet but also gives you peace of mind as you improve your bird's nutritional status. Formulated with avian nutrition experts.

My birds love bird seed sprouts. I love it because it all sprouts at the same time. I rinse twice a day and the mix stays fresh all week. Best I've ever found.

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Product Questions

Store in a cool, dark, dry area.

Make soaked or sprouted seeds a part of your daily feeding routine, blending them with a variety of fresh, uncooked delights in the form of bird chop! We only sprout the amount of seeds that our flock can enjoy within three days, at most, to avoid spoilage.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ella Chudayeva (Philadelphia, US)
Great quality seeds

These seeds are really great quality and they sprout completely in 2-3 days just as advertised. There is a good mix of beans and grains in there.

Anna Woodward (North Canton, US)
Part of a healthy diet

I’ve made a variety of sprouts for my birds over the years, but the birds seemed to like this particular mix the best. Took me a minute to figure how much mix to use in my sprouter because of the variety of seed sizes in the mix. I will continue to use this product periodically since it is so popular with my birds.

Yvette Helms (New Orleans, US)

Not having any luck getting the seeds to sprout?

Hey Yvette,

Sprouting can sometimes be a challenge. We only sell small, fresh batches of our sprouts. Here is a free guide on how to get started with soaking and sprouting. The bird sprouts are incredibly healthy, so its definitely worth trying.

cyndee k.

I love the variety of products available, and this is another one my birds love


I love the variety of products available, and this is another one my birds love