UnRufflexRx Bird oint Relief, 2 oz.
UnRufflexRx Bird Pain Relief, 2 oz.
Natural Bird Pain Relief, 2 oz.
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UnRuffledRx Joint Relief Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Bird Supplement, 56 gm

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Discover our finest creation! A fusion of potent, natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant avian support – Ceylon cinnamon, rose hips, turmeric, moringa leaf, ginger, and cayenne pepper. Perfect for mature and senior birds, yet beneficial for any companion parrot. Simply sprinkle on their daily meal for optimal results. Transform your bird's life with our advanced anti-inflammatory.


✔ JOINT SUPPORT FOR BIRDS. Help your bird maintain an active lifestyle with our expertly formulated Avian Joint Health Supplements. Packed with natural, organic ingredients that are chock full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

✔  DIGESTIVE SUPPORT. Our Avian Joint Health Supplement is perfect for supporting digestive health. It helps keep your bird regular and promotes a healthy gut.

  ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & ANTIOXIDANT RICH: We've chosen our organic, bird-safe ingredients to support a healthy inflammatory response in the body and disease prevention.

Made in the USA. Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free. Just sprinkle on your birds' moist food.

Introducing our groundbreaking Joint Health Bird Pain Relief Formula, crafted with a unique blend of botanical spices to provide holistic support for your feathered friend's well-being. This organic, tasty functional bird supplement is specifically designed to combat inflammation and harness antioxidant properties, promoting a healthier and more active life for your bird. Simply sprinkle this delightful mix on your bird's daily chop, infusing their diet with the goodness of nature.

Contraindications: Follow package instructions. Remember, while our Joint Relief offers natural support, it is not a substitute for professional veterinary care or prescribed medications.


Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant avian

100% Natural Support

Kiwi, is my 15-year-old budgie with arthritis in his feet and back. My vet is 2 hours away so when I ran out of meds, Diane recommended sprinkling this anti-inflammatory blend on his food. I'm convinced it eases any arthritis pain. If I forget, he starts squawking. He enjoys the taste so much that he eats it right off of the spoon. Thanks, Diane.

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Feeding Bird Joint Health Pain Relief

Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Support for Injured and Senior Birds

Our Organic Joint Health is mixed and packaged in the US with globally sourced ingredients.

You can sprinkle it on seeds because it is a very fine powder, but just be aware that some may fall to the bottom of the bowl.

We recommend starting off with just a pinch. Bird's are often fearful of new foods. You can camouflage by dipping it in dark colored fruits or veggies that your bird already eats or mixing it with brownish baby food (organic, please) and syringe feeding it. Our senior birds eat it right off of the spoon.

Store your Joint Health in a cool, dark location.

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