Healthy Fats for Birds & Parrots
Healthy Fats for Birds & Parrots


Healthy Fats for Birds Bundle by UnRuffledRx

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Looking to boost your bird's health? Our Health Fats for Birds Bundle, featuring Coconut Oil and Red Palm Oil, provides essential Vitamin A, Omega fatty acids, and antioxidants that many birds are deficient in. Bundle and save while adding crucial nutritional diversity—grab yours today and see the difference!y

Energize your bird's health with sustainable plant-based fatty acids—a superfood for vibrant vitality.

Nourish your bird from beak to tail with our Healthy Fats Bundle, supporting silky feathers, skin, digestion, immunity, and beyond!

  Unlock the power of diversity in omega-rich foods—each source in our bundle delivers unique nutrients for holistic avian well-being.

Tropical birds rely on often overlooked components for maintaining health: healthy plant-based fats from a variety of sources. For their bodies to produce vibrant feathers, they need soft, supple skin, healthy feather follicles, and a strong heart.

Our Healthy Fats for Birds Bundle features Coconut Oil and Red Palm Oil, both essential for improving bird health. These oils insulate cells and tissues, aid in vitamin absorption, and act as cell signaling pathways. They provide the healthy fats necessary for soft skin and strong feather follicles, ensuring better feather production.

Just a small amount of oil can do wonders for your bird's health. Give 1/4 teaspoon per 350 grams of body weight each day. It's a good idea to switch up the oils, like using Red Palm Oil one day and Coconut Oil the next. Different oils provide different essential nutrients for your birds, making this bundle a perfect way to boost their overall well-being. Grab yours today and see the difference!

3 Easy Ways To Serve

Wild birds love to eat plant-based oils, and your feathered friend can benefit from eating them too! You just need to pretend that you're eating these essential nutrients in front of them, teaching them that it is safe!

This coconut oil is awesome! My bird had really dull feathers & was scratching all of the time. Her feathers are beautiful now and the itching has stopped. She loves the taste, too!


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Product Information

Feed 1/4 teaspoon per 350 gm. of the birds weight (that's about the size of an African Grey Parrot). Feed only one oil day. Both have nutritious benefits, but serving too much may introduce too much fat into their diet.

In their natural habitat, avian parents provide their offspring with essential lessons in the nuances of safe dining, steering them away from potentially harmful plants. As for your pet, they've designated you as their culinary mentor.

Ever notice how your feathered friend happily snatches bites from your plate but gives a skeptical squawk to anything new in their bowl? It's a trust thing!

Here's the scoop: Play the role of a culinary trendsetter and pretend to enjoy this wholesome supplement right in front of them. It's like sharing a meal with your own birdie foodie — they'll catch on quicker than a parrot can mimic a catchy tune! 🦜🍽️

Store in a cool, dark location. Avoid extreme temperatures as it may affect the oil composition.

Our sprays and oils can be sensitive to temperature extremes during shipping. On rare occasions during transit, temperatures may fluctuate between -50 to 150°F.

Extreme temperatures, whether freezing or scorching, can compromise the integrity of the formulation or cause the bottle to leak.

To safeguard against the impact of extreme temperatures on your order, we may temporarily hold shipping during such conditions. This precautionary measure is taken to make every effort for you to receive a product that meets our quality standards.

Your understanding and patience in this matter are greatly appreciated as we strive to provide you with the best possible experience.


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Great product. Parrot loves it.

Diane K.

Can't get my bird to eat it no matter what I put it in

Hi there - thanks for bringing this up. Bird's instinctually are hesitant to try new foods. But, its pretty easy when you know the bird psychology behind them being a picky eater.

Here is a blog post about introducing new foods and supplements -

and check out the webpage for instructions - under the section '3 Easy Ways To Serve.' Reach out if you have any other questions ;-)