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Why Is My Parrot Biting Me? eBook

Parrot biting? Ouch! Sometimes, a biting bird can be a pain. Literally.

You reach into the cage to pick up your pet, and ... CHOMP!

You're petting your bird and your partner walks in the room ... CHOMP ... MUNCH!!

You're trying to groom your pet ... BITE...CHOMP...MUNCH! Where are the d@#m BandAids?

As many bird parents find out, parrot biting is a common behavior problem. Parrots bite for a number of reasons and it's important to get to the bottom of it.

That was a heck of a bite! Before you take it personally or get rid of your bird, figure out what's causing its behavior and learn how to prevent it. Your feathery bestie deserves better!

Who knew a parrot could be this wonderful? You'll find out how in my parrot-biting eBook! Inside, you'll find handy worksheets with exercises that will teach you how to get your bird and yourself back on the right track.