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Finding A Comfortable Multi-Purpose Cockatoo Or Macaw Bird Carrier

If you are new to birds, you'll soon learn that there are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely essential for your bird's safety and well-being.

A lot of people don't realize that pet birds, parrots in particular, are actually exotic pets that are only a few generations away from having lived in the jungle and rainforest.  Unlike a domesticated pet, such as a cat or a dog, our pet birds need highly sophisticated care in order to thrive. is all about providing information and care help to support parrot wellness.  We’ve developed specialized supplies to help birds that have developed troublesome problems that may threaten their welfare and their very lives.

I have been a bird fanatic ever since I adopted a health compromised chicken when I was in middle school. As an adult I got a bad case of parrot fever. And, being an animal lover, I studied everything I could get my hands on so that I could provide Peachy, my Moluccan cockatoo, the best care possible.

Now, years later, I'm proud to say that my parrots are thriving. I attribute my success to being highly in tune to provide my birds with optimum parrot wellness, everyday.

Early on, I’d invested in high quality, essential parrot care accessories that have enriched the lives of my feathered friends for  years.

For my medium to large sized parrots I made sure that their cages were roomy,  safe, and encouraged exercise.  Since I have a bird room I am able to leave the cage door open with a bird tree stand nearby to encourage foraging and exercise.

I love to travel, so having a high quality, easy to clean bird carrier for each of my pets (that allow them to perch in an upright position) was essential. Sadly, one of the things that I have noticed in the 25 years that I've owned is that many American companies that make specialized products for birds have gone out of business.

So, nowadays, it is difficult to find high-quality bird carriers for our larger feathered friends. In the early days of BirdSupplies.Com, I worked with several companies that produced very nice bird carriers that accommodated African grey parrots, amazon parrots, cockatoos, and even long-tailed macaws. 

Macaw bird carrier

There used to be a company called Crystal Flight that made unbelievable acrylic bird carriers. They sold their medium-to-large bird carriers worldwide. 

I got to visit Loro de Parque in the Canary Islands a number of years ago and saw that they were using Crystal Flight Bird Carriers. Crystal Flight was one of the few specialty bird carrier manufacturers that made safe products for macaws. Now, it's almost impossible to find a macaw specialty bird carrier.

For a long time, I sold converted Sky Kennel Dog Carriers for parrots. These thick, plastic carriers are airline approved, but they require a few simple conversions for use with birds.  Unfortunately, they, too, are hard to find these days.

Donna Clark invented Wingabago Bird Carriers back in the early 1990’s.  She sold the company off to a number of years ago but unfortunately the design changed from Donna's original. The plastics now turn yellow and the purchase process has become rigorous.

Now, we have to get creative to adapt a traditional dog carrier for cockatoos and macaws.


The bottom line is that no responsible pet bird owner should be without a safe, well-ventilated bird carrier for each bird in the home. 

I’ve found that a bird carrier is a critical item to have on hand in case your bird has a medical emergency, requires a quick trip to the veterinarian, or if you need to evacuate due to a natural disaster. 

Your bird carrier can also double as a sleep cage. And, it is  great for vacation purposes and interstate moves. Look for a Carrier that can serve several uses - 

  • Travel 
  • Evacuation
  • Sleep
  • Hospital Cage.

Choosing A Multi-Use Bird Carrier

Think about what uses you may have for a bird carrier given your bird species, travel requirements, evacuation needs, potential health concerns, and your household.  

For instance, I use the Featherland Paradise, Perch 'n Go, Polycarbonate Bird Carrier, Clear View Travel Cage with Handle, Small for my small to medium-sized parrots.  I like that it is clear so my birds can see me and I can see them. Also, I can move the perch or down depending on the size of the bird that's in it.  Plus, I love the stainless steel front and back that allow for plenty of ventilation.

By the way, Featherland Paradise used to offer a long macaw bird carrier, but I've not seen it lately, possibly due to COVID.

I still have a few regular sized Wingabago bird carriers that I've used for evacuation purposes with my African grey parrots. I also have one large Wingabago for Peachy.

The Wingabago Bird Carrier has served us for the following needs:

  • General car and plane trips in cargo
  • Parrot evacuation and a short term "parrot hotel"
  • A bird hospital cage
  • Bird sleep cage
  • Simply getting outside to enjoy the sun
  • Simple hiking in a stroller (The large Wingabago fits in a Snap And Go Baby Stroller - Available at most second hand baby accessory stores)

What To Look For In A Travel Cage

When you're shopping for a sturdy cockatoo or macaw bird carrier there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, both of these species of birds have large beaks that can crack open a nut and definitely tear a plastic bird carrier to shreds. That's where the thick plastic sided Sky Kennel comes in.  It is hard for most large parrots to chew through.

Cockatoo bird carriers need to be taller while Macaw bird carriers need to be longer to accommodate the tail. When buying a bird carrier for these large parrots, keep in mind the dimensions of your car's back seat as well as whether you can fit the carrier through the back seat door.

Of course, a rear hatch door will eliminate some of these problems.

Another thing to consider is how bulky the carrier actually is. I'm a small person so the weight of the carrier with the bird inside of it is a big consideration. But also just the  bulkiness of the actual carrier needs to be something that you can maneuver.

I see people at forward shows load up these extra large bird carriers inside of a portable, foldable wagon. 



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Diane Burroughs, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist trained in ABA therapy techniques. She specializes in avian anxiety disorders and is certified in Nutrition For Mental Health. Diane has written a number of bird behavior books and she offers behavior consultations. She's developed a range of UnRuffledRx Science-backed Parrot Wellness Supplies.

Diane's products have been featured in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery and at Exoticscon, a conference for exotic pet veterinarians. Her bird collars & supplements are stocked in avian vet clinics and bird stores throughout the US. With over 30 years in the field of behavior, Diane has created thousands of successful individualized behavior plans that help pets thrive.

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