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Velcro Cone Bird Plucking Collar

Size Guide
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✔ Our most popular bird collar features 4 layers of fleece and closes with velcro

 This bird collar is perfect for moderate pluckers and senior, weak, or ill birds

  Adjustable fit with hook & loop closure and "easy trim" neck hole and perimeter

✔  Your purchase includes one Velcro Cone Bird Plucking Collar, a detailed recovery guide, and FREE text support from a bird behaviorist.

    Deter feather plucking with UnRuffledRx Velcro Cone Bird Collar. 

    Designed with premium-grade materials, our bird collar effectively inhibits feather plucking while providing comfort to your bird. With 4 layers of cozy fleece, it offers an unrestricted view of their surroundings. 

    Promoting healing and rehabilitation, it's perfect for both short-term and long-term use. Your bird will feel safe, secure, and cared for with the UnRuffledRx Velcro Cone Bird Collar. 

    Improve your bird's quality of life today with our Velcro Cone Bird Collar!

    These collars have a solid yellow colored base with an attractive print yellow,  print fringe top. Colors may vary.

    Grab a FREE copy of my ebook describing how to help your bird adjust to wearing a bird collar so your bird can get back to being happy and stop ripping its feathers out.


    Size Dia. Cone Neck Hole Birds Wt.
    XSmall 3.5" Dia. Cone .5" - 1.25"
    25 - 100 gm.
    Small 5.5" Dia. Cone
    1" - 1.75" 100 - 225 gm.
    Medium 7.5" Dia. Cone 1.3/8"- 2" 225 - 425 gm.
    Large 9.5" Dia. Cone 2" - 2.75" 425 - 800 gm.
    X-Large 11.5" Dia. Cone 2.75 - 3.25"  800+ gm.