The Percher Universal Training Perch for Better Bonding with Your Parrot

  • Overview

    The Percher Features:

    • Hand-held or free-standing bird perch and finger saving perch
    • Easily reconfigure parts to make 7 bird perch designs
    • Easy to clean cone captures bird droppings. It also protects hands from birds that bite.

    Benefits of the Percher: (Human Benefits)

    • Safe training for biting parrots
    • Ideal bird stand to take on trips
    • Excellent training tool for anxious, aggressive or "one person" birds
    • Perfect for home use, vet offices and rescues


  • More Info

    Imagine a portable bird perch that allows you to socialize and train your bird in any number of ways.  This tabletop training perch is a simple T-Perch design that helps your bird stay focused during training sessions. 

    The Percher is made up of 4 components

    • textured perch
    • finger protection cone + poop catcher in one
    • a grip handle
    • a sturdy base.
    • 1" perch diameter

    Use the Percher with all sized birds.  

    The Percher measures 8" in diameter and 11-1/2" high in the standard table-top configuration.s

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Customer Reviews

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Universal Training Perch for Better Bonding

The size of the product is perfect, however it's not very "weighty" so my parrot feels a little unsteady when on the perch. He hasn't "warmed up" to it yet but we are working on getting her comfortable with it by putting treats in the end openings.