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Shipping Protection

Add Shipping Protection to your shopping cart to protect yourUS-based shipments.*

If you have a problem with your delivery, please contact us at We kindly ask that you provide photos of damaged shipments.

Lost Package: If your order shows as being delivered but you can't find it, we'll ask you to followlost package procedures.** We've found that 98% of lost packages are located quickly when you follow these procedures. But if your package can't be found within 3 business days of posted delivery, we'll file a claim with the carrier and ship another one!

**Lost package procedures

  1. Ask neighbors if they may have received the package by accident.
  2. Go to your local USPS or ask your local carrier where the delivered package was placed.
  3. Ask other family members if the package was taken in by them.
  4. If it was delivered to a mailbox, check the very back of your mailbox. Sometimes packages get pushed to the back and are missed

*Winter Shipping Notice: If you've ordered something like a bird spray or Red Palm Oil that could be damaged in cold temperatures, make sure you choose Priority or Express Shipping so that it doesn't sit too long in cold warehouses or delivery trucks during the winter. You should also plan to pick up your delivery as soon as possible and bring it inside within half an hour, otherwise, FedEx and the US Postal Service won't be able to insure it if it gets damaged.