Avian Fashion Parrot Hoodie

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  • Overview

    • Keep feather plucking parrot in a warm, cozy parrot hoodie.
    • Made from super-soft, sweatshirt style knit that comforts and warms your pet.
    • Parrot Hoodie easily slips over your bird’s head and features Velcro closures around the wings.
    • This Parrot Hoodie is for mild pluckers; protects back & chest

    Whether you want to dress your parrot up, protect a mild feather plucker or keep a feather plucking parrot warm, these comfy Parrot Hoodies are a natural choice.  This Parrot Hoodie is easy to put on.  Simply slip it over your parrots head and secure the Velcro closure around the wings.  

    Assorted colors.

  • More Info

     Full Size  Lanyard & Beads
     Wide, X-Wide, X-Large, Mammoth, Colossal
     Mid-Size  No Lanyard
     Medium, Large
     Junior Size  Snap Closure, no pocket  Full Size


    Dress your bird up in a sporty & fun style with our exclusive hoodie-style sweatshirts. Fashioned after human wear, birds can now reflect a low key vibe with their very own sporty attire. Made of top-quality and comfortable knit, Avian Fashions' Hoodies are designed to keep your bird safe, warm and stylish.

    Each Full-Size Parrot Hoodie comes with lanyard ties and colorful beads that will entertain and fascinate your bird. The functional pass-through pocket on the front is perfect for hiding special treats. The Full-Size Parrot Hoodie will accommodate larger birds and it must fit over your bird's head in order to wear.

    Mid Size Hoodie features a pocket and hood, however, due to weight, the Mid Size Hoodies don't have the beaded lanyards.

    The Junior Size Hoodie is designed for smaller birds and features a snap closure. Please see the size chart below to determine which style will fit your bird.

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