Kevlar Vest For Bird Self Mutilation

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    Medium weight fleece fabric, heavy-duty thread, stiffener, Kevlar insert, industrial strength hook & loop.

    Please note that going forward, this vest will be made in only the blue shade due to fabric unavailability. We currently have limited quantities of yellow, grey, and green which are available for shipment while supplies last. If we are out of another color we will substitute the blue shade.

    When it comes to pet birds, there is nothing scarier than a bird that self mutilates. You know first hand. Birds can bleed out quickly.  Wounds can become infected. That's why it's important to use a comprehensive approach to get bird self-mutilation under control quickly. 

    • This sturdy Kevlar "Bullet-proof" Vest interrupts severe feather plucking and bird self mutilation by protecting your birds' chest & back.
    • DuraGrip® industrial strength hook & loop closure.
    • For best results, combine this vest with wellness strategies and behavior modification.

    Self Mutilating Birds Are Destructive

    Kevlar is a relatively lightweight material that is so strong that it can withstand bullets. It also provides a barrier from sharp beaks. However, this bird vest may not withstand a vigorous chewer.  Use these strategies:

    1. Spray the Kevlar Bird Vest with No Chew or a similar bitter daily.
    2. Cover the Kevlar Bird Vest with a Fleece Bird Collar.
    3. Replace the Kevlar Bird Vest if the Kevlar becomes exposed so that your bird doesn't ingest the fibers.
    4. Bump up protection with our Self-mutilating Combo

    Always supervise your bird while it's wearing apparel. While a self mutilating bird can eventually chew this bird vest up, it takes a lot of time and effort. This buys you time to allow serious wounds to heal and to introduce other self-mutilation management strategies to fortify your pet's recovery.


    The Kevlar Vest was designed to be a minimally restrictive alternative for bird self mutilation. The snug neck and adjustable fit make it harder for your bird to further injure its self.  Most birds can eat, climb, and play in this bird vest. 

    Bird self mutilation turns into a compulsive problem. For the best recovery, use these strategies:

    • Watch Cockatude 14 to educate yourself about bird self mutilation and learn treatment options
    • Improve bird wellness
    • Take care of all medical issues
    • Begin ABA style bird behavior training right now

    All size recommendations are approximate. We highly recommend that you weigh your bird in grams before choosing a size.  Put an end to bird self mutilation today.

    Putting The Collar On:

    This bird collar closes with DuraGrip® Industrial Strength Hook & Loop that allows for a wide range of collar adjustments and a better fit. Persistent pluckers may be able to open the hook & loop.  Try spraying the collar with a bitter spray or use duct tape on the underside.


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    Please know that birds that compulsively pluck or mutilate and those that have been plucking for a few years may chew up or outwit a bird collar. Plan to support acceptance with patient training and a bitter-tasting spray. 

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HOW Bird Collars Help

UnRuffledRx Soft Bird Collars are the first line of defense for stopping feather plucking because the interrupt the plucking cycle Keep in mind that the more severe your bird’s plucking , the thicker and stiffer the collar it will need. Bird collars are part of a range of wellness products that support feather pluckers. They work while you work on improving your pet's diet, improve parrot husbandry, and start using behavior modification.

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WHO are soft bird collars for?

UnRuffledRx soft bird collars are very popular, even among avian vets, because they provide a soft barrier to keep the beak away from the feathers. They’re a lot more comfortable than stiff, rigid collars and they allow for your bird to go about most of its daily activities without restrictions.

Trusted by vet's

UnRuffledRx Bird Collars were created alongside of avian vets are trusted by Avian Veterinarian's world-wide. We've helped 1,000's of bird's, even severe mutilator's with whom the treatment team had lost hope. Featured in AAV and at EXOTICSCON 2019.


GETTING The Most Out Of A Bird Collar

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We recognize that not all bird's welcome wearing a bird collar. Behavior, medical, and socialization issues can interfere. Please view the training video below and work with your bird to accept the collar. Unopened, unused collars may be returned within 30 days of purchase for store credit toward future purchases. Return Policy

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The Ultimate Goal

As a caring pet owner, we know that your ultimate goal is for the plucking to stop. Bird collars interrupt plucking but they don't change behavior. Parrot wellness and ABA Therapy have long-term results. That's where the Complete Feather Plucking Kit comes in. The kit comes with a bird collar, The Feather Plucking Rescue Pack, and a behavior consultation.

How do I collar train my bird?

If your bird is new to wearing a collar you'll have to train it to both accept the collar and not chew up the collar. Clicker training is the solution of choice. Watch my YouTube Video here:

How do I choose the best collar style for my bird?
What size do I need?

On the order page, look for the orange colored SIZE GUIDE right by the product price.

Most collars come in 5-7 sizes based on the birds weight in grams. If you don't have a gram scale, you can purchase one online. Amazon tends to be the most affordable place. You don't need a specialized bird scale, it just has to weigh in grams.

Your avian vet should have a weight on file, too.

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