Healthy Bird Molting Bundle for All Birds

✔ Perfect for all molting, feather plucking, and scratching birds

 Helps maintain optimum feather health and supports skin-related issues including allergies, dry skin, and plucking.

  Provides essential fatty acids to nourish dry skin.

  Helps alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by molting.


    Molting is a time when birds replace their old, worn-out feathers and get fresh, new ones. Molting is a tough time because growing feathers drains the body of nutrition.  Plus, it is very uncomfortable. But luckily, we're here to help!

    Grab our Bird Molting Bundle today. It's perfect for providing vital nutrients needed to grow feathers and for relieving discomfort. All without breaking the bank.

    This Bird Molting Kit Has It All

    • FeatheredUp! 90 gm., New feathers don't just grow back magically. They require a lot of protein and other nutrients. If they don't get the right nutrients, the new feathers will develop unsightly stress bars and be weak and dull. The perfect solution: FeatheredUp! Bird multivitamin with biotin for feather growth!

    • Aloe Vera Spray, 8 oz. You've probably never given your bird's skin health much thought. Stop and think of the discomfort when a thousand pin feathers poke through the skin. Our natural Aloe Vera Bird Spray uniquely soothes inflamed, irritated skin, and softens the new shafts to support beautiful feather growth.

    • Red Palm Oil,  4 oz. Red Pam Oil is your secret weapon for producing beautiful, colorful feathers. It provides essential nutrients, like vitamins A & E, and Omega that help support healthy skin, from the inside out. Plus, it actually helps to lubricate sensitive feather follicles so that they don't become inflamed.

    • Parrot Calming Formula, 4 oz. Calm your bird with our natural parrot calm formula, which contains L-Theanine, the active ingredient in green tea.

    Help your bird grow beautiful new feathers after a molt with our Healthy Bird Molting Bundle. Order today.

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Premium Natural Ingredients

Premium Natural Ingredients

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Made in the USA

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Quality Tested

This bundle was blended, packaged, and / or bottled in the USA from globally sourced ingredients.

This bundle was developed to support feather plucking and molting birds. It supports important nutritional needs for growing healthy feathers, a skin conditioning spray, and a specially formulated bird calming formula. Any molting or plucking bird will benefit from this bundle. Please follow the dosing instructions.

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