Gift A Bird Rescue or A Friend ♥️


Gift your favorite friend or bird rescue today. 

Do you have a friend whose bird is plucking?  Or, know of an avian rescue that is helping birds in a variety of dire situations?  

Caring for a plucker can get expensive with the vet bills and other expenses. A gift card will help both the bird and the caretaker.

Rescues in particular take in large numbers of birds who've been displaced by acts of nature, dire economic conditions, or other traumatic conditions.  Traumatized birds have nutritional deficits and can develop nasty feather plucking habits.

You can support parrots in need with a gift card or just by purchasing products and having them sent directly to rescues.  

For a donation of $25 or more, we’ll mail your recipient a personalized greeting card to redeem on products that they need. 

With your gift donation, you’re helping to rehabilitate a beautiful exotic parrot. That’s definitely something to celebrate!