Fringy Neck Wrap Bird Plucking Collar

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This thick neck wrap protects most levels of plucking and minor self-mutilation by restricting the neck's range of motion.

  Our sturdy neck collar is light & cozy, so your feathered friend can climb, play & eat as usual!

  We use a strong "hook & loop" to keep the collar on, but if your little escape artist opens it, just add an extra layer of security with Moleskin Adhesive!

✔  Your purchase includes one Fringy Neck Bird Plucking Collar, a detailed recovery guide, and FREE text support from a bird behaviorist.

    Our Fringy Soft Neck Collar provides robust protection for severe pluckers with minimal disruption to activities of daily living.  It protects the bird by stabilizing the neck with thick layers of fleece so that it can't reach preferred plucking areas like the vent, legs, and feet. 

    Comes in assorted colors based on fabric availability. 


    Please note that regardless of weight, birds vary in girth and body composition.  Please measure your bird if you are unsure of what size to get. You may find our return policy here: Returns

    Size Measurments # of layers Bird Wt. 
    Small 1" x 6.75" 8 layers 125 - 250 gm.
    Medium 1.5" x 8.75" 10 layers 250 - 450 gm.
    Large 2.5" x 9" 10 layers 450 - 850 gm.
    X-Large 3" x 10"  10 layers  850+ gm.

Our Promise To You

Is your pet bird having trouble with its feathers? Let us help you out!

Thank you so much for helping me finally find a solution that seems to be working for little Lola. She’s on the road to recovery.

Christina J.

Find Your Size

Birds come in a variety of shapes and sizes but with 12 years experience, we've found that choosing apparel based on your pets weight works best. See our size chart here. ⚖️

Our bird vests are made from the best materials from the US, crafted in a sustainable factory in Guatemala that meets our exact standards.

This bird collar is available in four different sizes - small, medium, large, and extra-large. It helps protect birds from hurting themselves, and stops them from picking at wounds.

Bird's generally get used to wearing apparel after a few days. Some birds require more time to adjust. Learn moe. Download our FREE guide now

It can be hard to keep birds safe who like to tear things apart with their beaks! If yours keeps ripping off its protective gear, add some Moleskin Adhesive to the velcro fastenings to make it tougher to remove the outfit. Stick the moleskin on the front and back of the vest to make it last longer.

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feather plucking

Bird Plucking Collar

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